5 Tips To Think About When Mattress Shopping

5 Tips To Think About When Mattress Shopping

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If it were anyone who just loves sleeping, then maybe the thought of finding “the one” when it comes to mattresses might be enough to feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It sounds a whole lot like you’re finding a soulmate, which might be a close comparison since you’re going to have to commit to that mattress for a long time – it would just feel wrong to get a trial period and return it when you’re done, right?

And now that the image of a great bed is in your head, you might be thinking that it’s finally time to get that upgrade that you’ve been pushing back. Probably because you never really knew what to consider when mattress shopping or because you’ve thought that it’s a difficult task to accomplish. Well, mattress shopping isn’t too hard of a task. You just have to think about a lot of stuff – exactly like having standards for a new partner!

What’s Your Budget?

Before you could even think about which is the best mattress to buy for your beauty sleep, you need to set yourself up for a price range to see if the budget you have on hand can handle it. You should always set up your cost parameters before you go out to splurge on something that could cost you something well-over one grand!

As long as you have your price range and budget set up, you’re also setting your expectations with those price ranges since you don’t want to be too disappointed, nor do you want to be too eager. The price is an excellent way to start if you want to know if a mattress is good or not, though there are mattresses that are way too expensive but don’t even last half a decade.

What Bed Type Would You Like?

This is probably one of the places where you’re going to struggle when thinking about buying a new mattress. There are commonly three mattress types (innerspring, memory foam, and hybrid), but even more than just three. So you’re going to need to familiarize yourself with all of the possible options before you make your final choice – just the mattress type, of course.

Even among the plenty of mattresses, they all have their firmness and softness levels, which prolongs the decision-making process for you. First, decide on how soft or firm a mattress you’d like, the levels are then associated with a mattress type. For example, firmer equals innerspring or waterbed; softer equals air mattress or memory foam.

What’s Your Health History?

You might be thinking why it’s essential to know your health history, right? Well, you’re going to need to know that since the mattress you’re getting may be able to help with some of those health issues – to be specific, back, neck, and joint pains. Not to mention how some of the components in a mattress may contain some allergens that your body does not like. So if you’re having allergic reactions, then how can you get your beauty sleep?

Your health history can even talk about your sleeping habits and possibly your sleeping arrangement! For example, are you a side sleeper, back sleeper, or belly sleeper? Each type of sleeper has a recommended firmness for the back support required. Your sleeping arrangement, you ask? For example, you might have a partner that has an allergic reaction to the mattress, whereas you don’t. So it would be best if you also considered that too!

Would You Like To Test The Mattresses?

There’s no better deciding factor than actually knowing what each mattress would feel like when lying down, right? So it’s essential to test out the mattress but make sure that you keep it to a limited number since you’re just going to make it harder for yourself to make that final purchase. But, on the other hand, you wouldn’t want to experience paralysis by analysis, would you?

As long as you have the mattress type in your head, then your list of mattresses to test out should already be limited, which makes it easier to narrow down on which mattresses you’d like to compete with each other – figuratively speaking. So keep your tested mattresses low, get a maximum of five, then narrow down to three until you have your mattress victor!

What Do Others Have To Say About It?

You shouldn’t disregard what everybody else has to say about the mattress you’re buying – who knows if their negative experience will come up for you too – though you shouldn’t rely on those either! Instead, keep your reviewer list to the people closest to you, or at least the ones you can deem very reliable. Your doctor might even have something to say about the mattress you’re getting.


There are other things to consider too, like the materials – not just what they’re made of but their quality too. Not to mention how your mattress upgrade can also have a warranty and for how long will it last? Again, mattress shopping isn’t complicated – the task alone. Still, for everything else that you have to consider, it’s going to drain your brainpower!

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