Homemade Freshness: 7 Kinds of Bread You Can Bake at Home  

Homemade Freshness: 7 Kinds of Bread You Can Bake at Home  

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Are you looking for bread recipes to try baking at home? Then you are in the right place. Bread is a very delicious food that’s best enjoyed when it’s freshly baked. It has been around for many centuries, and it is one of the most basic foods that every person has in their homes.

At present, you can typically buy bread from any grocery store, supermarket, or even online stores. However, there is still quite a big difference in quality, tenderness, aroma, and taste when you are the one who is going to bake the bread. If you want to learn how to make some types of bread, listed below are five kinds of bread recipes that you might consider baking.

The Brioche Bread

One of the most common and delicious breads out there is the brioche. The brioche bread uses enriched bread dough through the sponge dough method, making it a sweet and tender kind of bread. The most common ingredients of enriched bread dough are some eggs, butter, and milk, making the brioche a delicious bread.

You can use any yeast for this bread, either the instant yeast or the active dry yeast. The enriched bread dough tends to get very sticky or wet because of the eggs mixed in it. When making the dough, you can use either your hands or the standard mixer, although using the mixer will make it easier and hassle-free for you.

The Challah Bread

Like the brioche bread, the challah bread is a traditional Jewish bread, and it also uses an enriched bread dough with milk, eggs, and butter. It also uses the sponge bread method. You also use oil, honey, and salt for this type of bread. The challah bread can be baked for snacks, but it is usually baked, particularly on ceremonial occasions or at times on Jewish holidays.

You need an oven to cook this bread, so if you still don’t have one, you might as well buy your oven-range, for you can also use it for other types of bread. Usually, it takes 30 minutes to prepare all the ingredients and the oven baking time takes about 40 minutes until ready to eat.

Hoagie Bread Rolls

Another common type of bread that uses enriched bread dough is the hoagie bread rolls. You can bake this bread, usually for family gatherings or events. What’s unique about this bread roll is that the dough must become a “slack dough.” It is somewhat fluid but not so watery. It cannot form any shape, for it has no elastic quality at all.

When this bread is freshly baked, it’s best to wait for 10 minutes before slicing it. You can also be innovative and put fillings in the middle of the bread if you like. For instance, you can add hotdog, cheese, mayonnaise, or any kinds of stuffings that you prefer adding.

Monkey Bread

The monkey-bread is also a type of bread that uses enriched bread dough. The taste of this bread is typically sweet like that of the cinnamon rolls. The style of cooking this bread is you dip the small pieces of the sweetened dough into a syrup made up of sugar then stack them up in the bundt pan before baking.

When the cooking is done, the little pieces of sugary dough combine, creating small puffs. To eat, you can pull the puffs out until you’re satisfied.

Pull-Apart Bread

Like the monkey bread, the pull-apart bread is also a type of bread you eat puff by buff. But unlike the monkey bread, this bread’s puff shape is rectangular and is piled horizontally and baked in with a sugary varnish. You can also innovate by filling in meat or cheese inside the layers for a different taste.

Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon rolls are a common but tasty type of bread that uses enriched bread dough. It’s dough’s sweet flavor makes this bread like a dessert. Cinnamon rolls are filled with sweet bread and are typically enjoyed during breakfast. It is made with flattened and enriched dough with a cinnamon and sugar spread spun into a beautiful spiral shape with a buttery taste and chewy texture.

Sticky Buns

Like the cinnamon rolls, the sticky buns are also generally sweet and sugary. The sticky buns are commonly filled and glossed with pecans, which is a type of tasty nut and typically contains swirled leavened dough. When about to be baked, the baking-pan is bordered with sticky ingredients like honey or brown sugar. This bread is also usually known as a dessert or traditionally consumed during breakfast.


There are other types of bread that you can try to bake aside from the list above, although the different kinds of bread mentioned above are great examples to start with. Each of them has unique baking methods that can equip you with the necessary baking skills that will allow you to experiment with other types of bread and make you a better baker.

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