Best Buys: The Ultimate Guide to the Different Mattress Types

Best Buys: The Ultimate Guide to the Different Mattress Types

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What more can we ask for except for a good night’s sleep?  Imagine waking up in the morning after a restful sleep feeling no pains and aches in the body. Undoubtedly, one of the best ways to start the day! No one wouldn’t want to start the day without enough rest. Thus, it is essential to focus on how one can achieve a good night’s sleep. One of the first things to consider is the mattress type to use.

Why is sleep important? Sleep is an essential function. Healthy sleep can help us achieve a healthier mind and body. Furthermore, it allows our brain to function properly. Thus, it directly affects our concentration, productivity, and memory processes. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, most adults require around seven to nine hours of sleep. On the other hand, younger people need more hours of sleep than adults.

Whether you want to replace or merely want to get a new mattress, you must note your specific needs and comfort reference. Knowing what you prefer and need can help you achieve a more comfortable sleep by choosing the right mattress type. Read more to learn about the different mattress types for best buys.

Innerspring Mattress

One of the oldest yet most popular mattress types still available today is the innerspring mattress. It provides a traditional bouncy feeling you’ll surely enjoy! The spring coil system creates a sturdy mattress that also offers good body support. The core support of the bed is made up of metal springs or coils. You don’t have to worry much about the quality. Although it has been a popular bed since then, manufacturers made a way to enhance its quality.

The innerspring mattress is made of a spring coil system and a comfort layer. The comfort layer of the bed commonly uses latex to polyfoam material. Furthermore, the core layer of the mattress also uses either of these coil types: Bonnell coils, offset coils, continuous wire coils, or pocketed coils. Here are the best online mattress types you can check anytime!

Memory Foam

Memory foam is also a popular mattress type to many people. This mattress type is not made under pressure. Instead, it is designed to be soft to add comfort to the sleeper. Memory foam can contour and conform to the shape of the body. As a result, it can provide pressure relief and offer enough support to the body.

Furthermore, it is also known for its low-motion transfer. One who shares the bed with someone would surely enjoy it! The basic memory is commonly made up of polyurethane. There are also different types of memory foam:

  • Traditional – It molds the body to provide comfort. However, this type tends to retain body heat.
  • Open Cell – This type allows better movement of air inside the mattress. Thus, it creates a better heat transfer and enjoys a cooler sleep.
  • Gel – gel-infused memory foams are filled and pumped with gel. They better absorb heat compared to the first two types. It also regulates your body temperature while you sleep.

Bed in the Box

Bed in the box is one of the most convenient mattresses you can get! This mattress type is made up of an all-foam construction. What makes them more interesting is how they are rolled and are placed in a box. That is easier to handle than those shipped flat.

Furthermore, it is also an advantage to move the bed in the box in narrow pathways. Simply unpack the mattress and wait for some time for it to achieve its full shape. In no time, you can enjoy the comfort!

Air Mattress

Most people think that air mattresses are only for camping, traveling, and sleepovers. But it also provides enough comfort and body support for daily home use. One of its advantages is that it allows you to customize comfort. It is easy to inflate and deflate. As a result, you can adjust the firmness anytime and whichever firmness level you like.

The firmness level you choose also depends on your comfort level. Lighter weight requires soft mattresses, while people with larger weights need a firmer bed. Selecting the appropriate firmness level will help achieve better spine alignment. Furthermore, it also avoids too much pressure in the body while at rest.

Pillow Top Mattress

Pillow top mattresses have an additional layer on top to add and enhance the bed’s plushness. The pillow top layer is commonly made up of cotton, wool, memory foam, or latex foam. As mentioned, this mattress promotes plushness. Thus, it decreases the bouncy feeling and firmness of the mattress.

The pillow top has two variations: regular pillow top and euro pillow top. The regular pillow top is attached to the top of the mattress to provide the comfort of extra padding. On the other hand, the euro pillow top is sewn underneath the mattress’s cover for better edge support.


The type of mattress you choose can affect how well you’ll enjoy your sleep and rest. Thus, it is important to provide what’s best for your specific needs. Furthermore, one should choose a mattress that can fit its comfort preference. You don’t need to rush. Give yourself enough time to think and you’ll eventually get the best one

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