4 Reasons Why Recall App Is A Must Have For The Dental Practice

4 Reasons Why Recall App Is A Must Have For The Dental Practice

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Although you spend your time learning the art of dental practice, as soon as you invest in a clinic, you will find yourself stuck in paperwork and management for most of the day. Your frustration increases when you realize that even after the best attempt, you are losing patients rapidly.

Hiring the staff for management, fixing appointments, recall, patient data update will require you to hire multiple people you will need to supervise. Not only this, but the expenses will burn a hole in your pocket, and you might even end up paying more than your earnings. On the other hand, you can invest in recall software like RecallMax that can help you reduce the sudden cancellation and no show ups. In this article, we will discuss how a reminder software can help you with your practice.

  1. You will multiply your patient count- Just sending the e-cards to the patients that are probably going to land in the trash bin is undoubtedly a bad idea. A digital card will probably not produce the call to action effect and mostly get forgotten within moments. When you hire a patient coordinator and assign them with the recall task for selected patients every day, you will observe that you get a high retention rate from your patients, and you have a less empty chair. That’s because the call gives an energetic boost of personalization to the patients that can help you with retaining the number.
  2. Increase in frequency of new patients- People tend to forget about the appointments unless they are being reminded about it. Every time a patient coordinator calls the patients for an upcoming appointment, it is essential that the representative educate the people about the importance of dental health and their dental health status as well. This will make them feel valued and positive about your approach. They will also be more interested in referring your services to the people along with praises. This way, you will undoubtedly see new patients, and your patient count will keep increasing gradually.
  3. Reduction in cancellation and no show ups- When you schedule your patient’s appointment for months ahead, some patients requiring immediate appointments end up choosing your alternatives. In contrast, other not so reliable patient will often bail on the appointment last minute, leaving you with empty slots. In this case, although it might appear like your schedule is full, it isn’t. With recall, you can keep an eye on these lousy patients and remind them about the appointment weeks before so that they are less likely to bail on your services. At the same time, you can schedule appointments quickly for reliable patients.
  4. Increase productivity- With a recall system, you will not have to focus on the management and updating the records while getting in contact with patients. With the help of a coordinator, you will focus on treating the patients while your data is easily updated. On the birthdays and anniversary, a wish message will be scheduled automatically on your behalf. Your staff will also feel more productive and positive as the practice keeps on thriving.

If you are new to the practice, you can install the software so that you can spend more time practicing your skills and less on management. Reaching out is an integral part of the practice, so if your practice is suffering, lousy management and lack of bonding can be blamed. While focusing on recall, you will soon notice the positive change in your practice and develop the patient base.

In no time, your practice will thrive, and you might end up working on holidays as well. Spend more time doing what you love and leave the management to recall software for the convenience as well as a professional representation. You will soon realize that recall software is the best investment for your practice.

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