Glucotrust Reviews (Consumer Complaints) Shocking New Report May Change Your Mind!

Glucotrust Reviews (Consumer Complaints) Shocking New Report May Change Your Mind!

One in every ten of our citizens is diabetic or pre-diabetic, indicating that diabetes and elevated blood sugar levels have become a common condition in our country, and it is past time for us to take it seriously. Being diabetic or having high blood sugar levels isn’t only about having poor health. It can lead you to serious illnesses like cardiovascular disease, stroke, kidney damage, neurological diseases, and more.  Diabetes has become so common in our modern world due to our unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits, over which we appear to have no control.

Currently, we are in desperate need of controlling our blood sugar levels and treating diabetes. The usual ways of treating diabetes include expensive medications and insulin injections that will drain all of your energy and also burn your pocket.  Among all of them, one supplement that has been gaining a lot of popularity is “GlucoTrust”. According to the manufacturer, is a natural dietary supplement that promotes healthy blood sugar levels.

As the supplement is growing, it is important to analyze every detail of GlucoTrust and see if it is effective or not. So this GlucoTrust review will provide you with every information of the supplement, its ingredients, working, customer reviews, scientific evidences, and more.

Quick Overview;

Supplement name GlucoTrust
Classification Dietary supplement for blood sugar support
Core ingredients ?      Gymnema sylvestre

?      Biotin

?      Chromium

?      Manganese

?      Licorice root

?      Cinnamon

?      Zinc

?      Juniper berries

Quantity 30 capsules per bottle.
Main benefit Aids in the maintenance of healthy blood sugar levels
Creator James Walker
Quality standards ?      Manufactured in an registered and GMP-certified facility.

?      Formulated by using plant-based ingredients


Major benefits ?      It regulates your blood sugar levels.

?      supports healthy weight loss.

?      This increases blood circulation in your body.

?      Restore a natural sleep-wake cycle

?      Reduce cravings for junk foods

Dosage Take one pill a day before going to bed.
Side effects No side effects reported
Compatibility People above age 18
Pros ?      Maintains healthy blood pressure levels

?      Helps with natural weight loss

?      Scientifically backed ingredients

?      Free of chemicals and artificial stimulants,

Cons ?      The time required to achieve a result varies from person to person.
Restrictions ?      Pregnant and lactating women are restricted from using the supplement.

?      People under the age of 18 are not permitted.

?      May is not suitable for people who have any underlying serious illness.

?      Never exceed the recommended dosage.

Bonus gifts ?      Fat Burning Green Smoothie Recipes

?      The Ultimate Guide to superfoods

?      The 3-day Liver Cleansethrough

Price plans ?      30-day supply- 1 bottle for $69+ shipping fee

?      90-day supply- 3 bottles for $59+ free shipping

?      180-day supply- 6 bottles for $49+ free shipping.

Availability only on the official website.
Refund policy 180-days money-back guarantee
Official website Click Here


What is GlucoTrust?

GlucoTrust is a blood sugar support formula that helps in keeping your blood sugar levels in check and helps in treating diabetes. GlucoTrust is formulated by using natural ingredients such as Gymnema Sylvestre, biotin, zinc, etc., that has sleep-enhancing properties and also can control the blood sugar levels of the users. Insulin resistance and risk for type 2 diabetes are strongly connected with sleep deprivation.

Chronic sleep deprivation is an established risk factor for diabetes, but recent studies show that even a few nights of lack of sleep can increase the risk of diabetes to a considerable extent. GlucoTrust blood sugar support formula can increase the duration of sleep, especially the amount of sleep that is spent in deep sleep, which is also called restorative sleep. Thus, the GlucoTrust glucose management complex formula repairs and heals the body optimizes physiological functions and maintains healthy blood sugar levels.

GlucoTrust Ingredients List:

GlucoTrust blood sugar supplement is formulated with multiple natural ingredients such as herbs, berries, and also essential minerals such as manganese, zinc, etc. In this review, we have added the GlucoTrust ingredients list and the role that each of the GlucoTrust active ingredients plays in achieving healthy blood sugar levels so that you can get a better understanding of the formula.

Gymnema Sylvestre

Gymnema Sylvestre is an herb that is commonly used in complementary medicine, such as Ayurveda as a potent therapeutic agent for diabetes. The Gymnemic acids contained in the Gymnema Sylvestre herb have structural similarity to glucose, and they occupy some of the glucose receptors, thus preventing glucose absorption and sweet cravings.


There is good evidence for the role of biotin in reducing several markers of diabetes, such as elevated blood sugar levels, pain from nerve damage, etc. According to animal studies, supplementing with biotin can reduce blood glucose levels in diabetic-prone people.


Chromium is yet another nutrient that has a role in preventing type 2 diabetes by controlling blood sugar levels. Some studies point out that chromium is more efficient when it is combined with biotin, as in the supplement, and helps in reducing blood sugar and managing glucose levels.


Manganese is another mineral that is added in the GlucoTrust diabetic formula which can help regulate blood glucose levels in diabetic patients. In animal studies, supplementing with manganese has been shown to reduce blood glucose levels and also regulate insulin levels.

Licorice Root

Licorice root is another herbal ingredient of GlucoTrust that is commonly used in Ayurvedic formulations to help reduce blood sugar levels and is often prescribed for diabetic patients for its therapeutic potential. Licorice root is added to the GlucoTrust pill as it can help in maintaining optimum blood glucose levels and preventing spikes in glucose levels.


Cinnamon is a spice that is commonly used in Eastern diets, and emerging clinical studies indicate that it has similar properties to that of insulin and can hence mimic the action of insulin. According to different studies, cinnamon intake can lower glucose levels (both fasting blood sugar and post-meal blood sugar levels).


Zinc is a vital mineral responsible for regulating many physiological functions, such as improved sleep, better immunity, etc. Zinc also aids in the regulation of blood glucose levels and insulin sensitivity, thereby preventing type 2 diabetes.

Juniper Berries

Juniper berries, according to studies conducted on animals as back as 1994, indicate a therapeutic role in reducing blood sugar levels by a clinically significant margin. Juniper berries are added to the GlucoTrust formula for their antioxidant effects and glucose-lowering properties.

Does Glucotrust really work?

GlucoTrust is a health supplement that regulates blood sugar levels in both diabetic and nondiabetic people due to the varied actions of ingredients present in it such as minerals like zinc and chromium, vitamins like Biotin, and natural herbs, spices, and berries such as cinnamon, Gymnema Sylvestre, etc.

All of the GlucoTrust ingredients have been clinically studied for their glucose-lowering and blood sugar-regulating properties. According to GlucoTrust reviews, many of these ingredients such as zinc and licorice also promote healthy sleep which is crucial to maintaining healthy blood glucose levels.

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The GlucoTrust Formula’s Scientific Basis

As we have seen in the previous sections, GlucoTrust glucose management complex formula is formulated with ingredients that can lower blood glucose levels and keep the levels regulated in both diabetic and pre-diabetic people.  It can also help prevent diabetes in healthy people, by preventing insulin resistance and also sudden spikes in blood glucose levels.

GlucoTrust ingredients can also help a person achieve better sleep both in terms of sleep quality and duration and hence has a role in preventing type 2 diabetes. Sleep deprivation, both chronic and acute, is an independent risk factor for type 2 diabetes. By promoting good sleep, the GlucoTrust dietary supplement prevents insulin resistivity, and hence reduces the risk for diabetes too.

Is there any clinical evidence?

There is very good clinical evidence for the efficacy of the GlucoTrust ingredients in regulating blood glucose levels and preventing type 2 diabetes. Moreover, many of the ingredients in the GlucoTrust capsule can promote sleep quality and duration, and also increase the amount of time spent in restorative sleep, also known as deep sleep.

By increasing restorative sleep, the supplement makes sure that optimum levels of insulin and blood glucose levels are maintained in the body. Also, the GlucoTrust blood sugar supplement is manufactured under an registered and GMP-approved facility conforming to industry standard practices and strict safety and quality conditions.

How long does it take to work?

GlucoTrust diabetic formula might start working within a couple of weeks after a user starts the course. But it is important to consume the supplement for the manufacturer-recommended time period which is 2 to 3 months, even if the user feels positive results from it within a few weeks of taking it.

Also, if the GlucoTrust pill is taken for a period of at least two to three months, the results may be more sustainable and can last for one to two years, even after the cessation of the course of the supplement.

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GlucoTrust Benefits

Following are a few benefits that GlucoTrust can provide you:

  • GlucoTrust can help you maintain a healthy blood sugar levels
  • Improves blood circulation in your whole body
  • Reduce your cravings and increase satiety
  • The supplement supports healthy weight loss
  • Improves your sleeping pattern and increases your energy

The Pros and Cons of Using GlucoTrust Formula

Let’s talk about a few pros and cons of the supplement found while collecting GlucoTrust reviews from its real users.


  • Natural diabetes control supplement.
  • GlucoTrust capsule improves sleep as well as reduces blood sugar levels.
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Free bonuses are available with the purchase of the supplement.
  • Certified GMO-free.


  • Exceeding the recommended dosage might cause minimal side effects
  • People with serious liver or kidney disease should seek medical advice before starting to use the supplement.

Should you buy this?

GlucoTrust is a health supplement that can control the blood sugar levels in people who are pre-diabetic or are vulnerable to type 2 diabetes. It can also be taken by diabetic patients to regulate the levels of insulin and also to maintain their blood sugar levels in the normal range.

Apart from regulating blood sugar levels and keeping diabetes at bay, the GlucoTrust blood sugar support formula also improves sleep quality and duration, specifically the time that is spent in restorative sleep. If you have insomnia or sleep deprivation issues, you might be facing insulin resistivity, which can lead to increased blood sugar levels and a greater risk for diabetes. GlucoTrust glucose management complex formula might be a good buy for you if you face any of the health issues mentioned above.

GlucoTrust reviews and complaints

The majority of GlucoTrust reviews and consumer reports state that the supplement is really helpful and aids in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. A few customers also said that GlucoTrust is also effective for diabetes and helps reduce the symptoms associated with it.Reviews on GlucoTrust also state that the supplement aids in weight loss and reduces cravings for junk foods.

There hasn’t been any GlucoTrust complaints reported yet. There are only a very few GlucoTrust bad reviews, and most of them were from people who didn’t take the supplement consistently for the recommended period.

How much does it cost?

GlucoTrust dietary supplements can be bought from the official website under three price categories.

  • One bottle (30-day supply) costs $69.00 + a shipping charge of $9.00.
  • Six bottles package (180-day supply) costs $49.00 per bottle + free shipping.
  • Three bottles package (90-day supply) costs $59.00 per bottle + free shipping.

Both the 3-bottle and 6-bottle packages offer good value for a buyer’s money and also provide a sufficient supply of GlucoTrust diabetic formula that can last for the manufacturer-recommended duration of intake.

As there is an increase in demand for GlucoTrust supplements, there are many imitations of Glucotrust sold on e-commerce platforms like Amazon. GlucoTrust that is available on Amazon or eBay is not similar to the authentic supplement. The authentic GlucoTrust is available only on the official website of the supplement.

GlucoTrust Bonuses

If you buy the GlucoTrust blood sugar supplement, you will get the benefit of three free bonuses, which are e-books that contain useful information to support your general health and wellbeing.

  • Bonus1: Fat Burning Green Smoothie Recipes

This is an e-book that has 100 recipes for delicious green smoothies listed in it, which, according to the author can help burn fat.

  • Bonus2: The Ultimate Guide to Superfoods

Superfoods are dietary items that can provide a wide range of nutrients and also provides other health benefits to the users. Spirulina, spinach, etc., are often considered superfoods because of their impressive nutritional profile. This eBook contains comprehensive information about superfoods that a user can include in their diet for maintaining good health.

  • Bonus3: The 3-Day Liver Cleanse Breakthrough

The liver is the organ responsible for clearing toxins out of the body. Sometimes detoxifying the liver is an option recommended by nutritionists to improve energy levels, immunity, etc. This eBook contains instructions as to how to effectively detox the liver in 3 days.

Shipping and Money-back policy

As we have seen in the pricing section, shipping is free for the 3 bottles and 6 bottles price packages. Also, the GlucoTrust manufacturer offers a 180-day (6 months) money-back guarantee if a user is not fully satisfied with the product for some reason.

Final Thoughts:

GlucoTrust blood sugar support formula consists of specially formulated herbs, berries, spices, etc., which are proven in clinical studies to help a person check their blood sugar levels under control. The formula reduces blood sugar in diabetic and pre-diabetic patients, prevents sudden spikes in glucose levels, and prevents insulin resistance. And the majority of the Maximum Edge Nutrition GlucoTrust reviews from the users were positive.

The formula might especially be beneficial to sleep-deprived people since sleep deprivation is associated with elevated blood sugars, insulin resistance, and an  increased risk for type 2 diabetes. Apart from these primary functions, the GlucoTrust glucose management complex formula also reduces the levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which is associated with partial or full sleep deprivation.

Given the GlucoTrust dietary supplement has multiple therapeutic actions such as regulating blood sugar levels, preventing diabetes, and improving the sleep quality and duration, our last take is that it may be a suitable supplement for sleep-deprived people to improve the time they spend in deep sleep stages and prevent the risk factors for diabetes.

Frequently Asked Questions About GlucoTrust

Is GlucoTrust a sleep-enhancing supplement or a diabetic-control supplement?

GlucoTrust capsule is primarily a blood sugar-regulating supplement suitable for those who are at risk for type 2 diabetes. Additionally, it also improves the deep sleep stage of a person and hence reduces insulin resistance associated with sleep deprivation.

Does the GlucoTrust supplement make me sedated during the day?

No, the GlucoTrust ingredients don’t contain any sedative properties. Also, it should be taken at night before bedtime, and no daytime drowsiness has been reported by users.

I’m currently taking medicine for diabetes. Can I use the GlucoTrust alongside it?

Yes, it may be safe to use the GlucoTrust diabetic formula along with your standard prescriptions, provided you get medical approval from your general physician

Who should avoid taking the GlucoTrust pill?

The formula may be suitable for most people, but those who are hypoglycemic and those who have severe kidney or liver diseases are advised to consult with their general physician before starting to use this supplement.

Can I take the supplement for an extended period, say 8 to 10 months?

The recommended duration of intake of the GlucoTrust capsule is 2 to 3 months. It may not be safe to take the supplement for a term of more than 6 months continuously, and hence it is best to check with a nutritionist if you want to continue taking the supplement for longer durations.

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