Most Popular Online Games in United States

Most Popular Online Games in United States

Image by Anton Porsche from Pixabay

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Image by Anton Porsche from Pixabay

Over the past few years, we have seen a massive surge in the popularity of video games compared to any other source of entertainment. And more specifically, online games have spell-binded players all over the world but in this article, we are more interested in online games that are popular within the states of the US.

The data that we have collected from all over the internet is as recent as it gets and according to that data, the United States has seen a huge percentage increase in the number of potential gamers all over the country. And while we can rely on this data, it is worth mentioning that it might not be perfectly accurate.

Here is a list of the top 3 games that are popular in the United States:


There is no denying the ever-growing popularity of Fortnite in the United States. Although it started to gain traction a few years back and since then there have been many other games trying to take the spotlight away from it but Fortnite has managed to keep its spot and steadily recover from the blows caused by temporarily popular games like Among Us and Fall guys.

Fortnite is also one of the best FPS titles in the world. The increasing popularity and fame all around the globe is a testament to the fact that it is one of the best online games that you can experience right now.


Of course, How can we forget this masterpiece of a game. Minecraft has been the definition of how a simple-looking 3D game where everything is made out of blocks, can become one of the most played titles of all time. Minecraft’s popularity has never faded unlike most of the other games out there. The player-base keeps increasing with more and more features coming into play, it is already the best minimalist 3D out there in the market for me.

But the gamers in the United States are way more invested in the game than gamers from anywhere in the world. And the best part about this game is you don’t even need to invest a ton of money to buy a Minecraft account.

Counter Strike Global Offensive

One of my all-time favorites, CSGO has been the best classic FPS game out there in the market. Unlike most of the modern FPS games, CSGO has got a super loyal and active player-base that has never let the game down, and putting gameplay aside, the game still to this day has a strong reach towards its cosmetic side that is CSGO skins. For many years now, CSGO has never lost its essence and it just keeps getting better, considering how simple the game actually is, compared to all the modern FPS games out there.

And I think that’s one of the many reasons why hardcore gamers prefer CSGO over all the other games out there. Speaking of which, Counter Strike has always been one of the main competitors of games like Fortnite and PUBG in the United States.

There are tons of other awesome games like League of Legends, that have been keeping the players busy for quite a while now and people just can’t have enough.

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