What should you know Before Buying Diamond Jewelry?

What should you know Before Buying Diamond Jewelry?

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Diamond jewelry is trending in the market because of the increasing number of marriages and other functions. When you give a diamond as a gift to someone, you know that your gift is going to be perfect.

But did you know that there are many things that you should keep in mind before purchasing diamond jewelry? First of all, while buying diamond jewelry, you have to select the diamond alone, and after that, you have to choose its outer area. The most important thing is to see whether the diamond you are purchasing is good or not. So, below are some points that will help you in knowing whether you are purchasing the right diamond or not:

1) Basic 4 C’s to check

As we all know, diamond is determined by its quality and its quality is determined by 4C’s, that is, Color, Cut, Carat and Clarity. When you purchase a diamond, its color ranges from D to Z. The cut shows how unique that particular diamond is, and if its cut is perfect, then its shine and sparkle will be perfect too.

The tiny imperfections in the diamond are called clarity, and the best clarity diamond is called a flawless diamond. Now coming to the most basic part, that is carrot. As we all know, diamonds are weighed in carat, and it determines the price of a diamond. So, before you spend your money on diamonds, keep these 4C’s in mind.

2) Quality & Originality:

Before purchasing diamonds check out, their Originality and quality with the BIS hallmark. It indicates whether the diamond is tested in a certified laboratory or not. Sometimes the diamonds don’t have BIS hallmarks, so you have to look closely for them before purchasing diamond/s.

While you are checking, also check the price, weight and shape of a diamond and check whether the price of the day when you are purchasing is equal to what is shown in the market. You can also check other diamonds to check the quality of the diamond you are purchasing. By checking other diamonds, you will know whether the diamond you are purchasing has the best quality and price or not.

3) Know Your Budget:

While you are purchasing diamond jewelry, check whether the diamond you need comes into your budget or not, many things contain diamonds like diamond rings, diamond necklaces and other diamond accessories. Still, the price of a diamond varies according to its size and weight. So if you are purchasing a diamond, check what type and size of diamond you want. If the price of a diamond you like is too high, then search for an alternative, and if the alternative suits your budget, then you can choose that too. Sometimes alternatives are better than the diamonds that you decided to purchase before.

4) Know Your Seller:

When you are thinking of purchasing diamond/s, try to search for the best sellers in the market. There are many fake diamond sellers in the market who will promise you the best quality of diamonds in low price than expected. So before purchasing diamonds, search for some best brands, companies and sellers who sell the best quality of diamond at a reasonable price, whether it is for rings, necklaces or any other use. Moreover, if you are planning to buy via online mode, then it is advisable to know the website, the online seller and check out the reviews of other consumers.

5) Know Warranty and Guarantee:

As we all know, jewelry is one of the best investments that anyone can make. So before purchasing a diamond, check out its warranty and guarantee period and keep the warranty and guarantee card safe. So whenever you feel like the diamond you purchased is losing its quality or after sometimes it is sparkling less, then you can go to the seller and ask them for an exchange or refund your money.

What’s more is that when you are planning to purchase online, ask the seller to send you a warranty and guarantee card in e-document too so that even when you lose the physical card, you have its substitute.