Popular Flowers in Maryland: Best Artisan Florists for any Occasion

Popular Flowers in Maryland: Best Artisan Florists for any Occasion

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Flowers are a traditional gift that you can use for any occasion. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or just because, there’s no better way to brighten someone’s day than with an artisan bouquet. 

Working with local florists is a great way to support the local economy while celebrating the people you love at the same time. Here are some of the best artisan florists in Maryland to help you find that perfect floral bouquet for your special someone.

What Is an Artisan Florist?

The words “artisan florist” may have some people wondering what the term means and how it impacts the bouquets they purchase. An artisan florist is someone who approaches flower arranging with a designer’s eye. They artfully arrange florals with a variety of complementary and contrasting elements to create a living work of art. 

These designer pieces aren’t the last-minute flower bouquets you pick up at the grocery store. Everything is thoughtfully arranged with a creative foundation. When you see unique elements such as eucalyptus greens, cranberries, or artichokes included, you know someone felt inspired to create something meaningful and unique.

The word “artisan” may also refer to flowers sourced from local farmers. There are many artisan florists in Maryland, many of whom work together with them in a supportive design community.

Best Artisan Florists in Maryland

Those who call the beautiful state of Maryland home are lucky to be in a place with some of the top-rated artisan florists in the United States. Here are some of the best artisan florists in Maryland to work with for your next occasion or event.

Fredrick Florist

Fredrick Florists serve the greater Fredrick area, offering a variety of arrangements for any occasion. In addition to floral arrangements, the designers at this artisan flower shop also create a handmade, seasonal decor. From Halloween wreaths to rustic Christmas crafts, Fredrick Florist has it all.

One of the most sentimental projects the designers at Frederick Florist has created is the memory bouquet. For example, wrapping a bouquet of artfully arranged flowers in the jacket worn on your first date with your partner or a scarf from your late Grandmother. It’s this creativity and sentimentality that make Fredrick Florist a top pick in Maryland.

Wilhides Unique Flowers And Gifts

Wilhides is another bespoke flower and gift shop that offers exceptional customer care and service. Located in Ellicott City, this family-owned and operated artisan flower shop has everything from exotic tropical florals to unique potted plants. 

Wilhides Unique Flowers and Gifts is the perfect one-stop-shop for any occasion. Other gift options include gourmet snack boxes, hand-painted signs, pottery, mugs, and even stuffed animals. If you find yourself on the way to an event without a gift, this is the place to stop for something touching and sentimental. Wilhides offers both custom arrangements and pre-made arrangements to suit all your needs.

Rutland Beard Ruxton

While there are several shops in the Rutland Beard Floral Group (including the two listed above), this flagship florist stands out. The Ruxton location of the Rutland Beard family has been serving the area for over a century. 

This artisan florist isn’t afraid to do things differently and has created some beautiful pieces as a result. Their Ellie arrangement uses the foliage to wrap around the inside of the vase, hiding the stems and creating a more organic, elegant presentation. Many of their designs make the most of vertical space, creating simple, yet stunning arrangements that seemingly defy gravity.

Despite being expert florists, there are also arrangements for those who are less passionate about blooms. Surprise the teenager in your life with a snack bouquet or gift the green thumb in your life with a Small Dish Garden.

America’s Beautiful Florist

Last but not least is America’s Beautiful Florist. These experienced designers have been serving the Maryland market for 40 years and are known for their special events. While weddings and galas are their specialties, there are still plenty of options available for birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions that are special to you.

The aptly named “Lavish” selection from America’s Beautiful Florist are showstoppers. The tropical bouquets will make the recipient feel like they’re on a beach vacation, while the Moondance assortment is a stunning display of contemporary design that lives up to its namesake.

If you’re looking for flowers in Maryland, you can’t go wrong with any of the artists listed above. If you require online service, Bouqs online flower consortium works with each of these artisan florists in Maryland. 

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