Main Advantages & Drawbacks of Being a Friend in Relationships

Main Advantages & Drawbacks of Being a Friend in Relationships

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Are friendship and dating similar?

Some people think that building a friendship before dating is important while others say that it is impossible to be friends with a person of the opposite sex. We are not going to support each of the categories of people, but we will only denote the benefits of a combination of friendship & dating.

Benefits of friendship in dating:

Benefit 1. You will know her better.

If you start building friendships with your female partner, you will get to know her much better. If you plan to marry her in the aftermath, it is a must for you to be sure you know her interests, habits, reactions, hobbies, and so on. The more you know about her, the firmer the foundation of your relationships will be.

Benefit 2. You will be sure she is loyal.

Using friendship dating sites, you may be aware of the fact that she might have a wide choice of men to select from. However, if you keep being friends with her for a specific period of time, you will make sure she will not betray you. If she is loyal to you before you marry her, she will be like that even if you marry her.

Benefit 3. Time will work for you.

For instance, you might try friendship speed dating with her. If she chooses you as well, you should be sure that she will not leave you. If the time passes and she is still with you, it means that you are good friends with her. However, note that you still should check the level of chemistry between you and her.

Benefit 4. It is free to be friends.

Using free friendship dating sites, you might check out the fact that you do not have to pay. Being a boyfriend supposes you pay for her dinner when you go out with her. However, the situation is totally different if you are just good friends. It means that you should split the bill and you are not supposed to pay for her in a cafe.

Benefit 5. You do not have to protect her.

Dating, friendship, and love are connected. However, there are specific peculiarities of being just a good friend. For instance, you should not make sure whether she is safe and sound to get back home because you are not responsible for her life so far. Therefore, nobody will judge you if she, for example, breaks the law and will undergo punishment from the local authorities. There is no need to save her from such situations because all the responsibility for her life is only on her.

Benefit 6. You do not have to give her presents.

Being just good friends means that you do not need to buy flowers every time you meet her. Just coming to a place where you agreed to meet would be enough as well as giving presents on her birthday. However, if you are in the status of boyfriend, you are supposed to bring her some gifts every or most of the time when you meet to win her heart like a man.

Benefit 7. There is no need to be a solid gentleman when you are with her.

If you are a boyfriend, you should show that you are a gentleman and ready to take care of her. Nevertheless, if you are just a friend, you may laugh at dirty jokes with her and feel no shame about it. To be closer to her, you should cross the borderline between just a friend and pass to the territory of a boyfriend.

The disadvantages of being friends:

Disadvantage 1. You cannot kiss her.

If you are just a boyfriend, kissing is not allowed. She will not expect you to kiss her when you want it. Therefore, you would better think about how to win her heart and become a lover with her if you want.

Disadvantage 2. You cannot hug her.

Some girls might let their friends hug them but most of them will not do it. If you want to move on with her, you should step out of a friend zone.

Is friendship important before dating?

Yes, it is! If you manage to be good friends before you decide to be closer to her, it is great. You might be more loyal and devoted to each other if you start your serious relationships this way. Many couples were created as a result of good friendship. You would better begin with being loyal friends with each other to make sure your further relationships will have a stable and reliable foundation.

How to set out of a friend zone and become a lover?

It is not always easy to do it because she might say that she treats you just like a friend and not more, meaning that she completely does not want to have sex with you. However, there is a way out in this situation. If you make her change her mind about you and let her think that you are a man, not just one of her girlfriends, you will successfully become lovers. For instance, you might try to touch her. Check out the way she reacts to your touches. Good for you if the atmosphere has changed once you did it. You might also help her to solve difficult situations like fixing her car.

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How can I keep our friendship if she refuses to be my lover?

If you love her, it would be very easy to do. Just keep on loving her the same way. Of course, it might be painful to get her negative answer when you invite her for a date, but life is life. You never know what might happen tomorrow but still, there is hope that she might change her mind within some period of time. If you plan to be good friends with her no matter whether she agrees to be your lover or not, you might even get pluses in her list of potential boyfriends. Do not give up and keep on thinking positively about the future because she is not the one and only person in the world. You might always find another woman, even better than her.

Bringing it all together

Friendship and dating are extremely connected, and sometimes, you even cannot see where the boundary lies between them. However, most psychologists recommend firstly becoming friends with your potential partner, and only once you succeed in being a good friend of her, should you move on with her in the relationship. Do not hesitate to invite her for a date if you like her very much because someone else might also notice her and try to win her heart. If you keep on being persistent and active with her should you notice even slight signs that she might see you as a lover, good for you. Go ahead and step out of a friend zone to become lovers ASAP!

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