Clever Ways of Celebrating Birthdays During the Pandemic

Clever Ways of Celebrating Birthdays During the Pandemic

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Because of the pandemic we are all experiencing right now, things have definitely changed. Many establishments have closed down, nightspots and entertainment venues have temporarily ceased doing business, and so many other activities we have all gotten used to seem to be a thing of the past. It has been quite challenging to adapt to a new normal way of life. One of the biggest things that we have to face is being in lockdown, unable to see a lot of family members and friends, enjoy their company, and do things together. Despite these uncertain times, life still goes on, and we have to find ways to cope with the present situation. We can either choose to panic and feel hopeless or patiently bide our time, making use of it productively and be optimistic about the future.

One of the occasions that we continue to celebrate is a birthday. There may be limitations, but this does not have to stop you from making it memorable for the celebrant, no matter the circumstances. A birthday is a milestone and a day that is undoubtedly worth celebrating. If, for instance, a female member of the family like a daughter or sister is having a birthday, there will always be lovely gifts for her that will surely brighten up her day. And even while you are stuck indoors, you can create that festive feel with a little creativity and some of these creative tips.

Come up with a party theme

Themed parties are so much fun and can create so many beautiful memories. For that particular day, come up with ideas for a theme and dress up for it. Birthdays happen only once a year, and preparing for it is the best way for both the celebrant and the rest of the family members at home to get excited and look forward to something extraordinary happening indoors. Get help from the people living with you and start decorating according to your party theme. It will undoubtedly be an unforgettable affair for the birthday celebrant. Take photos and share it with friends and family so they can feel like a part of the celebration too.

Have food delivered

Celebrating a birthday means having a lot of good food spread out on a table for everyone to share and enjoy. While restaurants and other dining places may not be open for dine-in, food delivery is the next best thing. You can have a delivery service for just about any type of dish you imagine, as this is offered as an alternative by many food establishments. You can even have the birthday cake delivered to your home, complete with candles for the celebrant to blow out. Decorate your table as you would when you host a party at home. Make the atmosphere of your home as festive as you possibly can and serve up your delivered dishes.

Get family and friends to participate through Zoom

While you can’t have guests coming over to celebrate the occasion with you, you can still make them a part of the celebration through Zoom. Email or send messages to everyone special to the celebrant, and other people you wish were with you. They can have their party hats and offer their special birthday wishes. They can be there during the main event of the candle blowing. Everyone can sing a happy birthday song together, and it would feel just like everyone was there.

Prepare some fun activities

A birthday party can be livened up even more when you have some activities or other forms of amusement to entertain yourselves. There are many adult games to pick from if you are celebrating the birthday of an adult at home. Still, with children around, children’s games can be loads of fun for adults too. You could also have a little presentation prepared for the celebrant where family members or friends living together can show their unique talents. A karaoke party is another excellent idea where both kids and adults can participate and sing the night away.

This pandemic has been a challenge for everyone, but it is also good to know that most people are coming up with ingenious ways to achieve a semblance of normalcy in their lives. There is no reason we should not celebrate the most memorable days of our lives while looking forward to better days ahead.

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