Why are More People Getting into Gaming?

Why are More People Getting into Gaming?

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Though there are always going to be those who are more into the hobby than others, it seems like more and more people are choosing to get into gaming nowadays. Why are we seeing an upswing in this hobby over others? Let’s take a look.

More Accessible

Gaming is more accessible than ever before, making it easy for anyone to start playing. Once upon a time, you either had to invest in a computer or some sort of console if you wanted to be able to play video games. However, that has very much changed. Now, all you need to do is reach into your pocket and pull out your smartphone.

Mobile gaming has completely transformed the gaming market, and it has made gaming accessible to many people who otherwise might never have wanted to play these styles of games. While there is still very much a market for those who want to play on traditional PC or console platforms, the mobile gaming market has boomed, and now accounts for a giant part of the industry.

This is only likely to grow even bigger and better. The trajectory can already be seen amongst some of the games available on mobile. While we once saw either simple games or predictable and repeatable platformers, we can now find complex games with high-end graphics and plotlines.

An Influence Through Social Media

With the rise in gaming that we have seen in the past few decades has also come a rise in social media influencers that have made a living by specializing in gaming. They can command huge audiences across platforms like YouTube and Twitch, and they create fun content that explores gaming from interesting and unusual angles.

Some prefer to keep things nice and easy and do product reviews. When a new game is released, they will record some footage of them playing it and then edit it with a voiceover explaining their thoughts on the title. This could then influence a purchase from a viewer, much in the same way reading a review of a game from a magazine or other source might.

However, there are also many gameplay influencers. These will either live stream sessions where they can interact with their audience through a chat function, or they might again record their gameplay and edit it together into one video. Some even choose to do a mixture of both.

These types of players could be wanting to show off their favourite games, or they might even want to try to push the limitations of a game as much as possible to see what kind of chaos they can create. Both have a chance to influence a viewer’s purchase, and can showcase how much fun various video games can be in a relaxed and informal manner.

New Opportunities

In addition to what we have seen emerging through social media, we have also seen fresh opportunities arise through gaming that are causing more people to try these games for themselves. eSports as a genre of video game has exploded in the past few years, though the concept of professional and competitive gaming has been around for decades.

Today, sports betting is a big part of the online gaming trend, and many bookies are now offering odds on matches played between some of the biggest pro-gamer teams around. Competitions happen all over the globe, both virtually and in-person in massive arenas, and it really helps to show how impressive gaming can be. If you want to see certain games played by the best of the best, checking out an eSports match is the place to be.

What’s more, this type of gaming is building a massive audience that are able to follow the games without necessarily knowing how to play them themselves. While there are many amateur leagues and opportunities out there for players if they want to try them, it is important to consider that the development of eSports is truly akin to the development of a real sport. The level of play at the top is very different from what the amateurs are doing.

More Games to Try

There are more games than ever to try nowadays, and this is one key reason why more people are choosing to get into gaming! No matter what you might enjoy, you are going to be able to find some sort of game that will offer you a brilliant experience.

Many can be put off from the concept of gaming as they fear that it is all first-person shooters and difficult titles that require a lot of dexterity and time to master. However, there are also simple games that are easy to play and still offer lots of fun for their players.

The rise of the indie gaming market has a lot to answer for here. Gaming platforms like Steam offer indie brands the chance to release their games in a secure environment, and also provide them with a platform and exposure that they might never have achieved on their own. This allows them to compete against some of the biggest gaming studios in the industry, and it has resulted in millions of people trying out titles that have gone viral.

Get into Gaming Now

If you are one of these people who still think that there is nothing that appeals to them in the world of gaming, then you could not be more wrong. It might be a simple match game on your smartphone, or it could be the latest big release from a top studio, but whatever you choose to play is most definitely gaming.

Don’t be afraid to dive in and try out a few titles for yourself. With so many different types of game out there, you should have no trouble finding something that will capture your attention and bring you into the wonderful world that is gaming. Find the right style of game for you now, it could be the very first in a new hobby for you!

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