Is Cryptocurrency the Future for Online Transactions?

Is Cryptocurrency the Future for Online Transactions?

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Cryptocurrencies have been around for several years now and, though people initially expected them to change the online payment landscape, they have not had as much of an impact as was first predicted. Nevertheless, they still have the potential to prove to be a useful form of online currency. Let’s take a closer look at why they might be the future of online transactions.

A Fixed Supply

One of the first things to understand about cryptocurrencies is that they are only available as a limited supply. We are actually getting very close to the limit that bitcoin can be mined to, meaning that we are shortly going to have all of the bitcoin that ever will exist actively in circulation. In turn, this means that more cannot be created and therefore this currency cannot undergo hyperinflation in the same way that one belonging to a certain country can. While this also means that potential deflation is unable to be controlled, it does make the currency somewhat stable.


Many people like to use cryptocurrencies to pay for goods and services online as it provides a certain level of anonymity. Records are permanent and have an encrypted key built into them that is used to make the transactions between two accounts. This encryption from the key is the only part of a person’s identity that needs to be included in the records for the transaction. They do not have to include their name or their address or even the country that they reside in, all key pieces of data needed for other transactions.

Due to this inherent anonymity, some governments are proving to be reluctant to address and regulate cryptocurrencies. It is very difficult to regulate a digital currency like bitcoin in the same way that you could regulate something like the Euro or the American dollar. This has gone so far as some countries even declaring that the use of cryptocurrencies is illegal.

Plenty of Resources

If you live in a country that allows cryptocurrency transactions, you might be tempted to look into using them yourself. Though they might look quite difficult to deal with from the outside, they are fairly straightforward to manage if you have the right know-how.

To help aid with this, there are many resources available online to help you navigate this world. For example, this website offers valuable cryptocurrency knowledge from full guides of the currencies to the latest industry news. There is always going to be some piece of information that you could turn to if you are searching for genuine advice about how to best use cryptocurrencies.

Commercial Usage

The use of blockchain technologies in the commercial sector in the future has massive potential. Though very few sites currently accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies when you consider the number of sites on the web, the potential for new development could overhaul many aspects of digital transactions and we are beginning to see more industries make use of this tech.

One such advantage that we might see is through quick transactions. Anyone who has tried to pay for something online will have no doubt ended up stuck in a lengthy transaction process at some point in their life. On top of this, we are often left waiting for bank checks to clear and for money to be sent on. This can result in lengthy transaction times where there is the potential for something to go wrong.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies offer an alternative to this, and make it easier for the person who is sending the money to do so in a secure and speedy way. This could completely change the way in which we handle transactions, and could make them easier for people to set up businesses and payments on a smaller scale.

Fighting Fraud

On top of all of this, though payments made with cryptocurrencies are anonymous they are actually good at fighting fraud. It is next to impossible to lie about a cryptocurrency transaction. For this reason, they might prove to be incredibly useful when it comes to fighting fraudulent transactions and making it harder for those who engage in digital fraud to operate.

For one thing, you cannot counterfeit cryptocurrency funds in the same way that you can with other types of currency. Blockchain records are also, by their very nature, very difficult to edit. A fraudster might try to change some aspect of a transaction if they are paying using a traditional payment online. For example, they might lodge a complaint with PayPal to say that they were overcharged when they have not been. However, blockchain stores part of the record of a transaction in the block before it, so to alter one would mean that you would have to later the full chain. The computing power to do so simply does not exist at the moment. Transactions might be anonymous, but they are fully open and honest in other ways.

A Future Potential?

Brands are always searching for ways in which they can make their online activities more secure. There is no denying that cybercriminals and fraudsters are becoming smarter in the way that they handle their operations. Alongside this is a growing concern from the public that they are not going to be able to protect their own financial movements online – something that is becoming all the more relevant as more of us turn to the internet to provide many of our favorite goods and services.

As a result, it is incredibly important that we consider blockchain and cryptocurrencies as potential solution for these problems. Cryptocurrencies are remarkably safe and secure, and they could be able to provide safe and protected transactions online on a much greater scale than they currently do. There are disadvantages to using them, but no more so than with any other payment provider that is currently in use on the web at the moment.

Anyone who is interested in what cryptocurrencies can offer should definitely consider looking into them. They are an interesting part of internet culture and they might prove their worth in a short amount of time.

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