Affiliate Marketing and Seizing Opportunities, With Lior Poly

Affiliate Marketing and Seizing Opportunities, With Lior Poly

Lior Poly (Courtesy photo)

The 27-year-old angel investor on how he hit the big time with nothing but a website and some determination.

Ever wondered what it would be like to make a million bucks? Lior Poly used to until he made his first million at 21. At that tender age, he knew the world of coding, app development, and the internet would be his area of entrepreneurship… All he had to do was keep expanding his domain.

The Path to Success Starts Young

For Lior Poly, the path to success wasn’t always clear-cut. In his early years, he had a great family life – but lior spent his teenage years in the digital world. This led to his mislabelling as a geek, even although that same commitment to the online world was precisely what would earn him his riches.

Lior began by running his website. On it, he placed short videos, funny things, and memes he had seen online. When he was 17, he had already started earning from the internet, courtesy of the AdSense program.

A year later, Lior Poly enrolled himself in an App Development course and had already coded a few forums. With a technical gift that most of us can only envy, he had soon decided to leave school and go full time on his online businesses. Once he had made that commitment, he never looked back.

At 19, he had developed his coding skills to the next level, but he had also realized he was making the most money through affiliate marketing and paid traffic inks. This led to him focusing on this area, and eventually, less than two years later, he made enough to move out of his parents’ home and into his own.

Affiliate Marketing and Making a Million

Lior would go on to make his first million dollars by the time he had hit 21. We wanted to know what his top tips for affiliate marketing success might be with such a gift for internet entrepreneurship.

To this end, Lior Poly confesses that there are a few good ways you can secure your piece of the affiliate marketing pie.

1 – Find an Evergreen Niche

When it comes to choosing what you will make your money in, be sure to select the things you feel will never go out of fashion. Now, that seems to be medical tech, the takeaway food industry, and new cars.

Your niche should have broad appeal and be something that people will always want. There should be the ability to adapt and scale your website from costly to affordable items.

2 – Start loading up with Affiliates

Once your website is up and running, you must find your affiliates. These should look good alongside your brand and pay well for the privilege of being on your page.

3 – Encourage Competition

Don’t be scared of your competitors. Lior says learn from them, instead. Steal what they do well and get rid of what’s not working for you.

If you combine these three points on your online site, you should come up as trumps as he has.

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