How to Avoid Stretch Marks While Pregnant

How to Avoid Stretch Marks While Pregnant

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Skinomatics talk us through avoiding stretch marks when you are expecting.

No question having a baby is life-changing. It makes you into a better person, gives you a reason to improve, and makes you want to wrap your family up in bubble wrap to keep them safe. Unfortunately, it comes at a cost. No matter how big or how small that bundle of joy maybe, he or she is going to leave a mark. A stretch mark, to be precise… but there is always something to be done about that.

Here at Skinomatics, we take great joy in helping pregnant women to get their pre-baby bodies back. Your waistline might never be the same again, but the least we can do is help you avoid stretch marks. Want to know more? Keep reading for the answer to all your stretchmark woes.

What is a Stretchmark?

A stretchmark is caused by the rapid expansion or contraction of the mass beneath your skin. This means that when you put weight on, take the weight off, or get pregnant; you risk stretchmarks in all the usual areas. You can get them on your bum, on your thighs, your hips, and particularly around the stomach. When pregnant, these stretchmarks can worsen, leading to what we call a ‘mummy tummy.’

Stretch marks can be a deep red and are usually this color when they are new. Do not be alarmed if your stretch marks are black, dark blue, or silver, though. Old stretch marks tend to fade to a silvery color. A few weeks of treatment with our body oil can reduce that silvery outline to almost nothing when they are like this.

Many women are disgusted by this scarring around the stomach and want to change their appearance. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent the formation of stretch marks from being quite as bad as they usually are. If you use our technique often enough, you can even avoid stretchmarks entirely after the birth of your child. 

What Can I Do to Prevent Stretchmarks?

If you are newly pregnant and are worried about how hard it will be to get your body back to normal, you are precisely the type of client we need. Skinomatics have developed a sonder cream that is perfectly formulated to both hydrate and nourish your skin. It will improve elasticity overall as you use it, eventually allowing your skin to bounce back to its former glory once you have given birth.

Typically, stretch marks start to appear during the third trimester or after birth. At this point, the baby has grown large enough to put that extra strain on your body. If used three times a day during this stage, Skinomatics Body Oil can help you get rid of all traces of those scars, once and for all. It has been designed to help your body recover from new stretch marks, but when used over time, this product will fade past scars and blemishes, too.

I’ve Already Given Birth, Will  Body Oil Still Work?

We hear this question all the time, and we are delighted to tell you that it is never too late to start enriching your skin. Our combination of vitamin E, omega compounds, and natural collagen will all come together to help save your skin. Together, Skinomatics can help you get back to your pre-baby body.

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