Dor Eckstein’s Distinctive Method to Assisting Clients Lose Weight

Dor Eckstein’s Distinctive Method to Assisting Clients Lose Weight

Dor Eckstein (Courtesy photo)

Many people are conscious of their appearances as they often determine how they are perceived by society. In other cases, people don’t feel confident about working out because they think they are too far gone and even exercises cannot help them lose weight. Sometimes, people don’t know the correct diet that will help them maintain a healthy weight.

Dor Eckstein is familiar with being overweight as he lived with it for 15 years. The members of his family also had a weight problem. He felt ashamed and jealous of his friends, who were slim and fit. 

He was not comfortable with his appearance, and he decided to do something about it. His weight loss journey has been an inspiration to many people, and it is one of the reasons he has acquired so many clients over the years. His body underwent a radical transformation, and from around physic, he gained a more chiseled look. 

He made it his mission to help other people lose weight and achieve their fitness goals. Below is Dor Eckstein’s unique approach to assisting people in losing weight.

Have a Clear Goal

When a person wakes up every morning and realizes that there is something more they could do to look better, that is usually the first step. Dor Eckstein mentions that before starting any of his workout routines on new clients, he ensures he talks to them to understand their motivation. Coming from a family with many overweight people, he wanted to break the cycle and become an example to others.

Clients need to understand why they need to lose weight. It may be for health benefits, and it may be to fit into that dress or simply look good. With clear goals, the journey becomes more comfortable because the client is motivated to achieve that goal. 

Start Small

It is a common misconception that to lose weight; you need to do a heavy workout at once. That may be harmful, especially if you are just beginning. It is essential to start small while accelerating the tempo gradually. 

Dor Eckstein points out that many clients may overwork their body and muscles, damaging their tissues or even weakening their bones. The journey to losing weight should be gradual. In most cases, you are advised to start with simple steps such as drinking water before meals. 

Drinking water boosts metabolism, and that can help you burn a few calories. Also, you can start with short-distance jogs and take rests in designated intervals. The gradual process is healthy and harmless to the body. 

Understand your Body Type and Metabolic Rate

According to Dor Eckstein, it is essential to understand the client’s body type and metabolic rate. People of the same weight may have different body types and metabolic rates. A clear understanding of the two helps him pick the correct method that would work for a client.

For instance, you cannot use routines intended for people who want to add muscle for people who wish to lose weight. That may not be helpful, and thus, Dor Eckstein focuses on only the individual needs of each client.

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