The Laws on Casinos in Maryland

The Laws on Casinos in Maryland

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Gambling is an activity that has been enjoyed in Maryland since the 1800s. The state has been known for its liberal standing on gambling over the years and there are plenty of different games to enjoy.

Technology has meant that online gambling is now extremely popular. However, this is often a grey area and people are not sure whether this is legal in their state. So, let’s find out what the laws say when it comes to casinos and gambling online in Maryland.Gambling History in Maryland

When you think about gambling, you may think about going to the casino. But the oldest form of gambling in Maryland was horse racing. This has been something that has been enjoyed since the 18th century. Namely, the first races started back in 1743. State Law approved and made racing legal in 1870. It was not until 1912 that the state then took control and started to regulate racing. However, it is important to note that greyhound racing is not legal in Maryland.

The state lottery was approved after a constitutional referendum in 1972. It has run ever since and it is legal in Maryland but you cannot sell tickets online for this. However, you can purchase scratch-off tickets. In addition, a similar process happened to legalize casinos in the state. There was a constitutional referendum held in 2008. This meant that there was approval for casinos and the first one opened two years later in 2010. It is thought that there are currently six casinos in operation legally in Maryland. They can offer everything from poker and blackjack to roulette and slots.

Of course, like many states in the country, there is a minimum gambling age when you are in Maryland. You are able to play bingo, racing and the lottery if you are 18 years old. But you have to be 21 years old to play at casinos. If you are found to be gambling illegally, the consequences are serious. You can end up spending time in jail, as well as receiving a large fine.

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Online Gambling in the State

That leads to online gambling. This is the newest invention created by the internet and the availability of technology. It allows players to enter an online world of gambling. They do not need to leave their homes and this means that everybody can play whenever they want to. Plus, companies are making big money. Naturally, this raises the question of whether online gambling is legal in the state of Maryland.

Looking at the law, Maryland does not currently say a lot about online gambling. For example, there are no laws that specifically prohibit a citizen from enjoying online gambling in Maryland. In addition, there are no laws that regulate online gambling in the state. In addition, there are not any federal laws in place in the United States regarding online games. This can give you peace of mind if you want to play at an online casino and you live in Maryland.

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