Maryland Coronavirus General Food and Safety Tips

Maryland Coronavirus General Food and Safety Tips

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The Coronavirus pandemic has adversely affected the economy of the United States. The country has 3,615,380 coronavirus cases, according to the latest update by Worldometer. The pandemic has forced many restaurants to close due to a sharp decline in sales. Also, many states have introduced safety regulations to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The following are coronavirus general food and safety tips in Maryland.

Shopping for Food

Statistics state that 32 million Americans visit grocery stores daily. Safety is a major concern for most shoppers. Grocery stores need to assure clients that they have strict coronavirus safety measures.

Prepare a list of various food items a week or two before you go shopping. Wear a facemask while in the store and carry your wipes. Some stores in Maryland provide clients with wipes to clean the handles of shopping baskets. Keep a safe distance of six feet with store workers and other shoppers. Washing hands with soap and warm water after shopping is one of the most recommended coronavirus food safety tips in Maryland.

Limitations on Food Service Establishments

Executive Order No. 20-06-10-01 requires all food service establishments in the state to modify their floor plans to keep a distance of 6 feet from one customer to another. But, up to six groups and household members can sit together at a table. Establishments that have booth seating should maintain the same distance between booths. Food establishments should have a 6-foot marking system to guide staff and customers. Also, they should not allow anyone to stand in the bar area.

Restaurants should disinfect all tables and high-touch surfaces after each seating. Their cleaning products should meet EPA COVID-19 criteria and be ideal for food contact surfaces. The order prohibits restaurants from offering buffets. The total capacity of indoor food service establishments should be 50 percent of their maximum capacity.

What Food Establishments should do If an Employee Contracts COVID-19

Food establishments in Maryland should follow the CDC interim guidance and the Business Express website while planning for the coronavirus disease. Besides, each establishment should create policies on the disease. They should not allow sick managers and employees to work. Instead, employees who have a persistent cough, headache, fever, muscle pain, and sore throat should inform their supervisors and stay home. A food establishment is supposed to contact a local health department if several employees are diagnosed with COVID-19.

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