Legalizing Gambling: The Pros And Cons Of Licensing American Sports Betting

Legalizing Gambling: The Pros And Cons Of Licensing American Sports Betting

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People always connote sports betting in a negative light, as it is part of gambling. Throughout the years, the sports betting industry has continuously battled the state to make the activity legal and valid. And although most parts of the United States were able to get a go signal, few still remain in rage.

It’s a fact that sports betting takes place in every sporting event, and some do not agree with this idea. However, if you look at the bigger picture of sports betting, it is the sole reason why a sport has become more popular. Aside from that, it attracts more fans, making sports events more thrilling and exciting.

As the debate for legalizing sports betting continues to be in hot water today, it is undeniably practiced in some states where sports betting is legal. Hence, to understand better why sports betting needs attention in all aspects, let’s get to know both the pros and cons it provides not only to bettors but to all esteemed sports fans all over the world.

The Pros Of Sports Betting

Here are the advantages sports betting can bring both for the fans and the sporting event.

It’s Already A Developing Industry

Regardless of legality, sports betting has existed since long ago and served as the backbone of many sporting events on earth. This kind of industry offers a win-win situation for both the games and the bettors. The profits that they can both earn comes in huge numbers and can ameliorate immediate financial needs.

Also, the U.S. Supreme Court is still in the process of fully approving this kind of activity. While staying on that matter, they are still allowing sports betting in some states, but in a fairer environment.

It Aids The Economy

One convincing reason why sports betting must be legalized is for tax purposes. The massive availability of sports betting can create enormous taxes for the state and the nation as a whole. It can help the state earn money that can help them fund on-going and upcoming projects, making them more progressive.

Apart from that, it can also open many job opportunities for those who want to earn money. In that sense, the opportunity to make money through sports betting is limitless. Thus, providing a positive impact both for the bettors, the sporting events, and the state.

Sports Corruption Is More Controlled

When sports betting is not legal, there is a high possibility that oddsmakers can lure the public in all wagering games they can play. There are no laws that can govern the whole betting guidelines, and they can tame the gamblers by all means. Also, they can make odds always come in their favor, which may not benefit the sports fans at all.

The Cons Of Sports Betting

When you think that sports betting is good in most aspects, here are some disadvantages that prevent other people from believing that it is a good practice.

Illegal Practice Won’t Ultimately Disappear

As stated above, bookies don’t make a generous credit to help their bettors earn a lot. Although some gamblers can outsmart bookies by making smart bets, most of the time, these bookies prevent that from happening. They usually build their odds value wonderfully to entice every bettor, who ends up losing instead of winning.

It Changes The Nature Of American Sports

The purpose of sports is for fans to get entertained when boredom strikes. Aside from that, it will help them how to play the game and learn the guidelines set in every sporting event. When sports betting becomes legal, the fans might end up focusing more on studying each odds value for betting purposes, not for the nature of the game.

Moreover, sports will become more commercialized as it involves more money. When this happens consistently, games in the coming years will be offered for sports betting purposes, not for entertainment.

It Can Lead To Addiction

Sports betting involves a considerable amount of money, and addiction is inevitable. For a beginner, they may find this intimidating, but if they get hooked, they might not notice that they are already using the money allotted for personal expenses.

Sports betting doesn’t have any formula that helps you win consistently. It’s a winning or losing kind of game, and the chances of losing are higher than winning.


By conducting thorough research on its long-term effects and benefits, the decision to legalize sports betting is left in the hands of the Government. If this will become legal, the sports industry and its market must make sure that they are properly guided with its rules, so the game becomes fair. Whether your personal choice is to legalize sports betting or not, the option is for you to weigh and see how this platform will affect the economy’s nation in the long run.

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