Podcast: Smart meters are a dumb idea, says one delegate

Delegate Glen Glass

Delegate Glen Glass

Are smart meters for electric usage a dumb idea? Del. Glen Glass, R-Harford, has a bill to allow consumers to opt out of the smart meters, calling them intrusive and bad for your health. Listen to this podcast by reporter Duane Keenan.


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  1. NotInMyHome

    I attended the committee hearing yesterday. There was impressive testimony confirming the horrendous health problems caused by smart meters, as well as the insidious invasion of privacy. (the 24/7 home data capture and transmission to central site is clearly a 4th amendment violation, given the home surveillance without a warrant). More telling, though, was the incredibly WEAK testimony from utility reps. When BGE rep (Mr. Butz) was asked if there was a single federal safety study that might allay Maryland citizens’ health concerns, his reply was: “None that we’re aware of”. Also, when another utility rep tried to defend by noting a federal study had been done on the RF emissions – when then asked if the study simulated the 24/7 constant RF emissions frequency, he weakly admitted: “No, that study was done using only two-minute bursts”. GEE – I GUESS WE CAN ALL FEEL SAFER NOW? Every Maryland citizen needs to attend the PSC hearing in May and demand an opt out – as well as refuse to accept the smart meters until adequate safety testing is done!!!