Analysis: Mikulski has a primary, miffed challenger reminds us

Blaine Taylor was a bit miffed when he read a Friday Baltimore Sun story linked in our roundup Monday morning. It mentioned Republicans hoping to challenge Democratic Sen. Barbara Mikulski, but no Democrats willing to take on the four-term senator. Actually, it only mentioned those Republicans who had raised some money.

“There WILL be a primary,” said Taylor by e-mail. He is a perennial candidate for Congress, who filed April 16 for U.S. Senate. If money is the qualifier, the reclusive Taylor, who largely runs his campaigns out of his Towson apartment, plans on raising and spending no money.

He has no website, and there already is a Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate with the same name from Baltimore County, Sanquetta Taylor of Owings Mills. Other candidates in the race are Christopher Garner of Severna Park and Billy Bob Jaworski of Kensington.

In an e-mail interview, Taylor, a Vietnam veteran, said he’s running against Mikulski “as an anti-war candidate to give Marylanders an alternative choice for their vote. U.S. troops are now in 135 countries with 700 bases, according to Congressman Ron Paul, and many of these can be brought home and/or closed. This would also help the economy. We can end the war of terror on us by ending all our financial support to Israel, as I’ve been saying since at least 2006.”

Taylor has written a number of military histories preoccupied with Hitler, Nazi Germany and its vehicles, but he favors getting rid of the internal combustion engine – no offshore drilling either.

He wants to wipe out all credit debt, abolish the Federal Reserve Bank, end all state bond borrowing, and “reassert public ownership of the nation’s TV and radio airwaves via the FCC and offer free air time to all candidates at all levels under a controlled-time format.” He’s anti-abortion and pro-death penalty.

And what does Taylor think of his chances? “Remember the grocer who embarrassed [Kathleen Kennedy Townsend] in her own “non-primary?” Taylor asks. “Stay tuned.”

He just doesn’t want reporters “announcing St. Barbara’s coronation,” as he puts it.

–Len Lazarick

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