While most of our Web site is news, like many media sites, it includes a blog. “This Reporter” is for those snippets of fact, information and observation which don’t merit a full-blown story, but are interesting on their own. The kind of material that would go into a blog includes scenes like Gov. Martin O’Malley, in Laurel a week ago for another “capital for a day” event, asking his cabinet to speculate on the significance of the coat on the woolly caterpillar inching its way in front of them. Long, cold winter? Short and warm?

This was the event where the governor and the lieutenant governor were both sporting shades as they looked into the bright fall sun over a basket of fresh apples.

The October issue of US Airways magazine had a 13-page spread on Annapolis with the usual positive portrayal common to such pieces.

Old Annapolis hands will learn little new: the town is quaint, the business climate is swell, the food is delicious and the community college is outstanding. Sen. John Astle gets a big pull quote under a shot of multicolor row homes on West Street.

“Underneath all the historic sights is a living, breathing community with a caring small town attitude,” Astle told the mag. “People speak to each other on the street.”

Under “Best Shopping” the magazine says: “There’s not a cheesy T-shirt shop among the locally owned storefronts on Maryland Avenue and State House Circle.” No, the cheesy T-shirt shops are a short walk away on Main Street.