• Sandi Mize Fleischer

    My two cents…..Having grown up in Maryland and the Chesapeake Bay….I’m of the generation of Marylanders who find photos and footage of female crabs caught disturbing. I refuse to eat a female and will send any back in a restaurant in protest. Granted they are already steamed; but, it’s the principle. My father was an avid fisherman who lived (and taught) by the rule that you never keep any female (period-not just sponge) or any crab with a span of 5-6″ or less. That may not be the protocol now but (Tru Blu) crabs were much more plentiful then when Maryland harvested 70% of the supply. I’m all for promoting Tru Blu; but, Maryland needs to boost supply. It can’t be done effectively unless females and juveniles become hands off.

  • Dale McNamee

    When this article is read along with the one about importing “sponge” females to repopulate the Bay… I wonder if those involved understand the problem ?

    I personally don’t care if the crabs that I eat are from Maryland… But, if they are given a “premium” for being labeled as from Maryland, when they aren’t… That’s fraud, but Marylanders have far more important things to be angry about…