• joe

    Democrats in the Maryland legislature will do anything to suck more money out of businesses, e.g. on-line booking sites to give the state the full tax that customers pay.

  • ksteve

    Fortunately, Republicans in the Maryland legislature don’t have the numbers to be the kind of obstacle to progress that their brothers in the Congress seem to delight in being.

  • Democrats always put their hands in other peoples’ pockets to fund their unholy lists of nonsense. In the above example Maryland State House exceeded its constitutional authority with violations of the Fourth Amendment of unlawful searches and seizures. When the latter affects liberals they whine like babies.

    • Adam Comstock

      I believe the police seizing “assets” for a drug POSSESSION case is UNREASONABLE. How, exactly, did they exceed their constitutional authority? They made a law which is the purpose of the legislative branch. The judicial branch will determine if it’s constitutional.

      Also- “to fund their UNHOLY lists of nonsense” – Ever hear of SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE? You are about as UNAMERICAN as they come, “Americassage”. You are the sage of nothing.

  • Adam Comstock

    Good for the democrats on these. We have to move away from the 40 yr old massive failure called the War on Drugs. 40 years and what progress has been made? Zero. Billions of wasted dollars. Millions of good people rotting in prison for simple possession of drugs. Thousands being murdered every year in support of cartels and the DEA.

    I like Hogan. But he is WAY OFF with his stance on crime and drugs. Get up with the times Larry.

  • Adam Comstock

    Also, the argument that decriminalizing paraphenalia PROMOTES impaired driving or somehow hamstrings the police is completely and utterly ridiculous. Ol’ Bob Cassilly needs to update his facts about marijuana. ‘Reefer Madness’ and his ‘marijuana cigarettes’ are LAUGHABLE outdated.