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Published on May 10th, 2013 | by Len Lazarick


Video: Lt. Gov. Brown announces run for governor

Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown made it official Friday, and announced he was running for governor at Prince George’s Community College. He was introduced by Congresswoman Donna Edwards and his wife Karmen.

Here’s a five-minute video of Edwards’ introduction and Brown’s speech to a large crowd estimated at over 1,000. The video is hosted by Len Lazarick of MarylandReporter.com and produced by Patrick Heflin of MoCoVox.

Here’s the full text of Brown’s speech, and links to articles about the event by Michael Dresser of the Baltimore Sun and Aaron Davis of The Washington Post.

Anthony Brown on state

Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown announces run for governor. To his left are his parents: father Roy Brown in hat and mother Lilly Brown with Congresswoman Donna Edwards to the far left.

Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown and wife Karmen on stage at Prince George's Community College.

Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown and wife Karmen on stage at Prince George’s Community College.


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  • Good Ridance to Maryland

    Thanks to the O’Malley/Brown administration I’m showing them how their disasterous session forced me to pack up and leave Maryland for Texas. Who ever thinks West Virginia is a great place to live needs their heads examined.

  • yihb

    You should see how this great “leader” acts behind closed doors … talk to his ex-wife, talk to real advocates on health care and domestic violence. This guy is no more than a pitbull trying to disguise himself as any other kind of dog.

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