Podcast: Dog-bite legislation dies; pit bulls remain ‘inherently dangerous’

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Pit bull legislation changing liability for dog bites dies as House passes a different version of the bill and the Senate refuses to go along, reports Duane Keenan in this podcast.

The House approved a heavily amended version of the Senate bill. Afterward, we spoke with House Judiciary Committee member, Delegate Curt Anderson. The question was if the Senate would approve the changes the House made to their bill. Sen. Bobby Zirkin commented then the chair of the Judicial Proceedings Committee, Sen. Brian Frosh, D-Montgomery.

As expected, the Senate did not approve the changes the House made to the dog-bite bill, and that legislation was left to die. The Solesky court case stands- and pit-bulls remain singled out as “inherently dangerous” dogs.

  • Meghan

    The Court of Appeals is still reviewing the Motion for Reconsideration and until they make a decision on that the ruling in this case will not take effect.

  • Maxine012

    This explains nothing. Why were the two versions different, in what way? And why couldn’t they reach agreement? Explain this.