Podcast: Light voter turnout; Bongino gets GOP Senate nod

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Bongino waits for results.

Dan Bongino waits for results.

In this podcast, reporter Duane Keenan talks about voter turnout with a Chief Election Judge in Cape St. Claire, Sandra Skelton.  The light turnout did not impact the enthusiasm of some candidates, including Dan Bongino, who won the Republican nomination to unseat incumbent Democratic Sen. Ben Cardin.

Can such optimism overcome the fact that Democrats outnumber  Republicans over 2-to-1 in Maryland?

  • InGodWeTrust

    Good luck to Dan in his bid to rid Maryland of Cardin.   NO ONE, should stay in office that long.   Cardin is darn near ossified.   Let us pray that Dan can start pulling Maryland out of the sludge it is now mired in, ‘thanks’ to Cardin, Mikulski, Sarbanes, Hoyer, Van Hollen etc.

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