March 13, 2012

Podcast: March and Rally for Life

Anti-abortion shirt

A protester at the March and Rally for Life wears his views.

Anti-abortion protesters flocked to Lawyers Mall on Monday to protest abortion and the laws surrounding the procedure. Duane Keenan attended and recorded this podcast.

  • Leec

    Thank you for this report……..the lack of coverage of this event by the media is interesting.  Does anyone know of any other issues during this legislative session that resulted in a march by over 5 hundred people that stopped traffic in downtown Annapolis, drew a couple dozen legislators, including a Congressman, and received next to zero media coverage?

  • Linda Webster

    A lady at the march had a list of companies that use aborted fetal parts in various foods and medicines. Is this why they found babies in the freezer at the Maryland abortion mill that was closed down. Perhaps there is so much money in the abortion business that the government and media are afraid to try to change it. Perhaps our politicians are just doing lip service.