• Takeprideinamerica

    O’malley needs the $$ from taxpayers to support his new americans and campaign supporters..

  • marge

    keep informing Pipkin. We need you and thank you for all you do and thank you Md. Reporter for informing us..

  • Frank Van

    Go Pipkin Go. I like your balanced but detailed and factual response.
    These numbers are based on todays “expectations and projections”. If it becomes a GUARANTEED FIXED PRICE CONTRACT with the ability and security of the developers to REALLY guarantee, then the story may become mute quickly. We all know too well that these grandiose public projects never come in UNDER the “ESTIMATED” price. The price may well double, settling Maryland and Marylanders with another EXTRA $500 million a year for 25 years.
    Although it may be absolutely right that the governor is lining up his financinal supporters for his next political move, we do not know that for a fact. Then again we are ont naive or dumb either.