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Constantine by Andrew B47 on Flickr

Lack of vision on immigration and Constantine’s Edict of Milan

Published on September 16th, 2014 | by Maryland Reporter

The single most important lesson I learned over 30 years of involvement with U.S. immigration, nationality, and visa policy is this: the system has no unifying vision. It is instead a crazy-quilt of special provisions for special categories of people, based loosely upon shards of the “family reunification” pillar erected during Lyndon Johnson’s presidency. Not even 9/11 could change this. But it must be changed, whatever it takes. What should America’s vision be for 21st century immigration policy? My vote: the central objective of our immigration policy, day and night, must be to promote American economic development... Read More

September 2014

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State Roundup, September 16, 2014

Published on September 16th, 2014 | by Cynthia Prairie

Despite deadline, medical marijuana commission still has unfinished business; 11,000 pieces of surplus DOD weapons, equipment transferred to state law agencies since 1995; Franchot calls for three-year hiatus on tax hikes; 200 Dept. of Environment workers given leave after office bed bug invasion; the man behind Caesars Entertainment is a math wizard; portrait of Frederick Douglass hung in Government House; it’s not just candidates who file campaign finance complaints; Hogan, Brown see transit projects in two different lights; Dems blast Hogan over 1994 bankruptcy; NOW asks gov candidates views on women’s issues; and the next Arundel County exec will get a pay raise... Read More

September 2014

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State Roundup, September 15, 2014

Published on September 15th, 2014 | by Cynthia Prairie

Transportation Trust Fund “lockbox” on the November ballot as constitutional amendment; GOP candidate for attorney general sees himself as a counterweight to a Democratic stronghold; Republican political newcomer challenges Sen. Astle; Bowie & Jensen founder seeks seat as Democrat in heavily Republican district; despite Brown lead in latest poll, analysis finds Hogan poll may be more accurate; Hogan drop pounds on the hustings; Hogan ad slams Brown on health exchange; DGA ad slams Hogan on education; Doug Duncan takes Leadership D.C. role; Ehrlich tests presidential waters in N.H.; Baltimore City mayor released from hospital; Arundel Council to vote on lesser hike in county exec salary; and cost estimate for public financing of Montgomery elections much less, new study finds... Read More


Brown Hogan dual mugs

Analysis: GOP poll could be more valid than the CBS-Times poll

Published on September 15th, 2014 | by Len Lazarick

Is it possible that a partisan Republican poll in the Maryland governor's race has as much or even more validity than a poll done for some of the most respected names in the media? That’s the surprising conclusion from looking at the numbers and methodology behind the two most recent polls pitting Democrat Anthony Brown against Republican Larry Hogan Jr... Read More


Bob McDonnell, Maureen McDonnell

Rascovar: Bob McDonnell could have learned from Marvin Mandel

Published on September 14th, 2014 | by Barry Rascovar

You've got to pity Bob McDonnell, former Virginia governor and recently convicted felon. He never learned from the political-corruption history of Virginia's neighbor to the north, Maryland. Had McDonnell familiarized himself with the trials and legal tribulations of Maryland Gov. Marvin Mandel (1969-1978), he might have avoided the ethics lapses and quid pro quo exchanges of gifts and cash that did in McDonnell and his wife, Maureen... Read More

September 2014

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State Roundup, September 12, 2014

Published on September 12th, 2014 | by Cynthia Prairie

O’Malley urges Hispanic Bar members to help represent immigrant children; developers take aim at DBED for ignoring them; slots revenue has been helping state’s horse racing industry; Frederick police save woman’s life with new OD drug; U.S. senators seek zero tolerance for domestic violence policy from NFL; Washington County political forums to help introduce public to local races; in Howard County exec race forum, Kittleman blasts Watson over mailers; Arundel exec race must look toward social, new media; Young says he’ll give up businesses if elected as Frederick County exec; and O’Malleys search for new Baltimore City home... Read More

Election 2014

Watson Skalny Kittleman smiling

Kittleman counterattacks in Howard County exec race

Published on September 11th, 2014 | by Len Lazarick

It was no more Mr. Nice Guy for Republican Sen. Allan Kittleman in the first formal debate for Howard County executive with Democratic County Council member Courtney Watson. "You've been receiving a lot of trash," the usually mild-mannered Kittleman loudly charged Thursday in his opening statement before a Chamber of Commerce audience. He was waving a mailer from the Team Howard slate supporting Watson that he said "deceive and distort my record." Watson gave as good as she got, saying "you should be judged on your record" and defending the mailers... Read More

September 2014

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State Roundup, September 11, 2014

Published on September 11th, 2014 | by Cynthia Prairie

U.S. Rep. Harris drops bid to lead GOP Study Committee; proposals to change Maryland’s business climate include privatizing programs in DBED; O’Malley meets with panel formed to improve training of first responders dealing with those intellectual disabilities; former Gov. Hughes’ grandson charged in heroin ring; Caesars’ financial problems were ignored; Hogan says he’ll aggressively seek African-American votes; Democrats file formal complaint over Hogan’s campaign bus; President Obama expected at Fort McHenry tomorrow; and Prince George’s Baker works to forge local ties with China... Read More

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