Bon Secours Hospital occupies a block amid brick rowhouses in West Baltimore. Kaiser Health News photo courtesy Doug Kapustin.

Part 3 Unhealthy Baltimore: Distrust in the hospital room

Bon Secours Hospital has been a fixture in the neighborhood since 1919, when it was opened by an order of nuns who served middle-class patients from all across the city. But today, few patients are affluent. The hospital, outpatient services and wellness center that compose the system primarily serve neighborhoods including Sandtown-Winchester and Harlem Park, predominantly black neighborhoods made famous in pop culture by TV shows like HBO's "The Wire."

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Opinion: Hogan reverses raids on open space funds

With all the negativity and hyperbole going on in national politics these days it is easy for an important development in Maryland government to be ignored by the media. The reality, though, is that these decisions have far more impact on the day to day life of Marylanders than daily horse race of national politics. Take, for example, the signing into law this week of HB 462, which restores and protects state funding to transfer tax funded land conservation, preservation and recreation programs such as Program Open Space.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Illustration by DonkeyHotey with Flickr Creative Commons

Hillary, Trump triumph; Van Hollen vs. Szeliga; Raskin, Brown to Congress

Most of the pundits, forecasters, pollsters and politicos had it right about pretty much all the races in Maryland's primary Tuesday. They just weren't right enough -- the winners did even better than predictions and poll numbers. Hillary Clinton didn't just defeat Bernie Sanders, she clobbered him by 30 points, winning 63% of the vote and all but three counties by small margins. Donald Trump didn't just win Maryland, he triumphed. He won 54% of the vote statewide, claiming every congressional district and county against two candidates, John Kasich and Ted Cruz, who also campaigned here.

Flags of nations. Phoo by yooperann with Flickr Creative Commons License

Immigration is key issue in primary, especially among GOP voters

Immigration has been the focus of much debate during this election season and has been one of the animating issues behind the rise of Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump. Democratic and Republican voters are deeply split over how they view the issue and which candidate they believe is best fit to address it. National polls show GOP voters generally consider illegal immigration to be a more important issue than Democratic voters do.