Rascovar: Advising Hogan himself to ‘take a deep breath’

Leave it to Gov. Larry Hogan, Jr. to make a positive, pro-active announcement and then gum up the works with snide, partisan remarks and a political snub that won’t be forgotten. Here’s the good news: Hogan reversed course on what to do about the narrow, aging and dangerous Harry W. Nice Memorial Potomac River Bridge in Southern Maryland. He unveiled a $765 million plan to erect a new, wider and safer bridge nearby in just six years. Here’s the bad news: Republican Hogan refuses to work with Democrats on this important construction project.

Collins: In 2016, voters more powerful than conventional wisdom

Projecting the outcome of a future election based upon similar conditions and results of the past may be tempting, but it assumes that voting blocs are static and candidates are helpless to shape their own fates. If this year’s election has taught anything, it is that voters are more powerful than conventional wisdom.

Gov. Larry Hogan in his office. Photo by Rachel Bluth, Capital News Service

Guest column: Democrats in a daze — again: The election’s implications for Maryland in 2018

A critical election has just ended, and Democrats are walking around in a daze. The pre-Election Day polls were close, but Democrats were confident they were going to win. In fact, they couldn’t really imagine losing.

They had demographics and recent electoral history on their side. But instead, the voters delivered a stunning rebuke. They wanted change, not more of the same. The results were close – but decisive.

Opinion: Very real fears about a Trump presidency

In her column for Maryland Reporter on Tuesday, Delegate Trent Kittleman tells Marylanders not to worry about a Trump presidency. She calls his inflammatory and reprehensible statements on the campaign trail “hyperbole.” She states that he is doing “everything possible to bring people together.” Delegate Eric Luedtke writes he is shocked at how thoroughly Delegate Kittleman misunderstands the fear that has gripped many Marylanders since the election. He is also “aghast at her temerity in arguing based on absolutely zero evidence that Trump will be somehow a moderate and reasonable president.:

Downtown Columbia on the shores of Lake Kittamaqundi at 11 a.m. July 2, 2016. Photo by Len Lazarick

Part 5 Columbia at 50 POLITICS: The Shifting Weight of Columbia Power

This is the fifth part in a series of 12 monthly essays over the next year leading up to Columbia’s 50th birthday celebration next June. This month Len Lazarick looks at the shifting dynamics of political power in Howard County because of the presence of Columbia and its largely Democratic voters. Links to the previous four parts are at the bottom of the essay.