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Conflict of interest disclosures get little attention

Members of the Maryland General Assembly are required to file conflict of interest forms if they think their personal financial interests may conflict with issues they are supposed to vote on. Some legislators file many forms, some file none at all. Most get little scrutiny from the public, but there is a proposal this year to put them all online.

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Commentary: Currie verdict shows we reporters are wasting our time

The not guilty verdict in the corruption trial of state Sen. Ulysses Currie clearly shows how we State House reporters have been wasting our time checking financial disclosure statements. I did look at Currie’s forms some years, and would not have found anything. He never disclosed his long relationship with Shopper’s Food Warehouse, and his punishment for that has been absolutely nothing — except a year of embarrassment.

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Partisan rancor colors contentious session

If the dueling presentations by two General Assembly leaders that startled a meeting of county officials Friday was a taste of fights to come, the legislative session starting today promises to be contentious, partisan and painful.

Finger-pointing accusations will soon replace back-slapping camaraderie. Lawmakers are heading into an election year when the electorate is wary and many voters are angry and unemployed.

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