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Commission recommends transportation fund lockdown, increasing revenues by $800M

The best way to improve Maryland’s transportation system is to lock down the transportation trust fund, and start raising $800 million per year in new funds to maintain infrastructure, a state transportation committee is recommending to the governor and General Assembly.

The Blue Ribbon Commission on Transportation Funding put the final touches on its report Monday.

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Bill would increase minimum wage to $10 in three years

Minimum wage would increase to nearly $10 an hour through a bill that Majority Leader Robert Garagiola planned to introduce in the Senate on Monday.

The bill, which had 15 co-sponsors by Monday afternoon, would incrementally increase minimum wage from its current $7.25 up to close to $10 by 2013, a 35% increase over three years. It also would boost pay for employees who earn tips from half to 70% of minimum wage, and would add overtime and inflation provisions for other employees.

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Poor road conditions cost Md. drivers more than $2,200 in maintenance, gas per year

The congestion and poor condition of Maryland’s roads cost drivers an average of more than $2,200 annually in added maintenance, gasoline, and safety costs, according to a new report from a national nonprofit transportation research group.

The report from the TRIP organization says the average driver in the Baltimore area ends up paying $2,226 each year because of road conditions and traffic. Average DC-area drivers end up paying $2,296 each year. This adds up to $7 billion in costs to motorists statewide, the report estimates.

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Senate approves solar boost

By Nick DiMarco Nick@MarylandReporter.com Editor’s note: Please click or download below for an audio version of this report. A bill requiring Maryland electricity suppliers to more rapidly increase their solar energy...

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