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Wes Moore’s Whitewashing of Abortion Rates

A 2020 study cites CDC data that show Black abortion rates being nearly four times—yes four times–higher than white rates. The study notes that “Between 2007-2016, the Black rate declined 29% and the white rate declined 33%—meaning that the racial disparity actually increased rather than decreased.”

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Howard GOP dinner leaves Trump off the menu

At the annual Howard County GOP’s Lincoln Day dinner Friday night, with speeches from the lieutenant governor, the county executive, the county chair, a veteran delegate and others, clearly one item was off the menu — Donald Trump. There was only one mention of the presumptive presidential nominee from the stage, and that during an award for a Trump supporter who was being honored for his efforts to defeat the incumbent school board members.

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Montgomery Republicans striving to turn county purple in 2014

With the help of state party leaders and a lot of data, the Montgomery County Republican Party – which boasts the largest number of registered Republicans in the state – launched an all out ground game Saturday at their annual convention in Rockville. Their goal in this targeted effort is to change Montgomery County from blue to purple by the 2014 election.

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Maryland polarized politically, but still dominated by Democrats, new book says

Maryland has become increasingly polarized politically over the past two decades, but it will likely stay dominated by Democrats as it has been since the 19th century, although today’s Democrats bear little resemblance to those a century ago. That’s among the broad conclusions of a new book on the state’s political past, present and future by two local professors, who have also played an active hand in many election campaigns – mostly on the Democratic side.

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