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Democrats consolidate power in Maryland with victories for Obama, Congress, questions

In a state already dominated by Democrats, Maryland voters further consolidated the party’s power Tuesday.

The voters defeated the longest serving Republican congressman, clobbered congressional challengers to six Democratic incumbents, and approved all the ballot measures the great majority of Republican legislators had opposed, including same-sex marriage and expanded gambling.

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Commentary: Most minds now made up on presidential race; 13 keys to White House predicts winner

With the party conventions over, it is safe to predict that all the fuss and blather have changed the minds of very few people. Same goes for all the political coverage of the conventions. Campaigns are important, but what are much more important are the fundamentals of governing. That’s why it’s important to understand Professor Allan Lichtman’s 13 “Keys to the White House,” now out in a new 2012 edition, “Predicting the Next President”. He has successfully predicted the winner since 1980, long before the conventions.

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Bolton blasts Obama foreign policy at GOP dinner

Former Gov. Bob Ehrlich introduced former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton at a GOP dinner. “I think he’d look really good as Secretary of State in a Romney administration,” Ehrlich told the crowd. Bolton’s speech was a biting critique of President Obama. He said Obama “does not put American national security at the top of his priority list.”

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Whats a Maryland lieutenant governor to do?

By Len Lazarick Len@MarylandReporter.com What does a Maryland lieutenant governor do for $125,000 a year, besides hanging around and waiting for the governor to become incapacitated? Whatever the governor tells him or her to do....

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Analysis: Mitt and mitts: Romney plays ball with Ehrlich

Before keynoting Thursday night’s GOP fundraiser, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, a once and possibly future candidate for president, stopped at an Arnold ball park where ex-Gov. Bob Ehrlich was watching son Drew’s baseball game. “I’m just a scout for the Red Sox,” Romney joked, before endorsing Ehrlich’s re-election bid.

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