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Kittleman must woo Dems to win Howard exec race

It’s no secret that Sen. Allan Kittleman will need lots of Democrats to vote for a Republican for Howard County executive for him to accomplish what the GOP did 23 years ago — take over the county government. “If Allan Kittleman can’t have a chance in Howard County, no one has a chance,” said attorney Michael Davis, who was campaign chairman for Republican Chuck Ecker when Ecker defeated Democrat Liz Bobo during her re-election bid for executive in 1990.

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Report recommends reform of bail system

The Maryland Public Defender Office has been providing representation since June to all defendants seeking counsel in their bail review hearings. But a Justice Policy Institute report released last month on the bail system in Baltimore City found the money-bail system itself discriminates against lower income defendants.

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Senate adds new tax for high earners to pay for schools

The Senate voted 26-20 for a late amendment to a bill that would raise the state income tax by .25% for most Marylanders. The added amendment goes a step further, raising the bill’s proposed tax rate for anyone making over $500,000 from 5.5% to 5.75% for every dollar earned. The new provision would raise an additional $30 million in new revenue for aging schools.

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Blog: Bill to allow discrimination lawsuits faces strong opposition

A bill to grant the right for people discriminated against in places of public accommodation — like restaurants, theatres and hotels — is being smothered by Senate amendments seeking to water down the bill.

On Tuesday, Democratic Senate leaders and committee chairmen joined Republicans in passing an amendment by Sen. Allan Kittleman, R-Howard-Carroll, to study the measure. The amendment will be reconsidered Wednesday, but Senate President Mike Miller told proponents they might want to find some alternative to passing the bill, which has had prolonged debate on five different days.

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Bill seeks to extend racial reporting of traffic stops

Sen. Lisa Gladden wants to renew race-based reporting on Maryland’s traffic stops, but Sen. Nancy Jacobs, a fellow member of the Judicial Proceedings Committee, said it would create more work for law enforcement for no reason.

The bill would continue the reporting statute that went into effect nine years ago, “when race-based traffic stops was a major issue across the state,” Gladden, a Democrat from Baltimore City, told the committee Thursday. The statute expired last year.

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