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SEIU union played attack role in June primary

Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is a rapidly expanding and politically prominent labor union who endorsed more than 80 for state office. Most were incumbent Democrats, and most won. Its sometimes brutal mailers and the union’s presence have permeated recent Maryland election cycles. While the candidates who enjoy an SEIU endorsement consider it a boon for their campaigns, other contenders consider themselves targets, and have derided the SEIU’s tactics as purely nasty.

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DeJuliis accused of tearing down Brochin signs in Senate race

UPDATED The state Senate Democratic primary in Baltimore County District 42 pitting Sen. Jim Brochin against former Del. Connie DeJuliis turned nasty over the weekend as Brochin campaign signs were removed by three men including Ron DeJuliis, the candidate’s husband and the Maryland commissioner of labor. MarylandReporter.com obtained photos and video of the incident.

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Former delegate challenges Brochin for Senate seat

Connie DeJuliis of Glen Arm filed for state Senate Wednesday, pitting her in the Democratic primary against incumbent Sen. Jim Brochin in District 42, which stretches from Towson to the Pennsylvania border.

DeJuliis, a former one-term delegate from Dundalk, then known as Connie Galiazzo , joins a handful of former delegates getting back in the game as candidates for General Assembly and a half dozen Democrats challenging incumbent senators of their own party.

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Miller in command: A ‘Dear John’ phone call and counting the days

No one doubts that this month’s special session of the General Assembly to expand gaming wouldn’t have happened without the insistence and persistence of Senate President Mike Miller, who’s been pushing slots and gambling for a decade.

A few loose ends from the session point out Miller’s command of the process and close attention to every stray vote.

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Redistricting overhaul proposed, but unlikely to pass

Since the new district maps to elect members of Congress and the legislature have sparked anger and lawsuits, many throughout the state have questioned the way that the lines are drawn, especially after the legislative redistricting plan quietly became law without hearings in the General Assembly. Several overhaul plans have been proposed, but none are likely to pass.

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Sponsor of immigrant tuition bill says repeal efforts could cost millions

The lead sponsor who objects to efforts to overturn his bill granting in-state college tuition to illegal immigrants said referendum efforts by opponents could cost the state millions and the drive is being funded by outside Tea Party interests. But state officials say the cost of putting the issue on the ballot is fairly minimal, and some organizers say there is little evidence of out-of-state funding for the petition drive.

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Costs of in-state tuition for illegal immigrants could be higher than projected

The cost of offering in-state college tuition to illegal immigrants who graduate from Maryland high schools might be significantly higher than estimated, since they were based only on figures from Montgomery College and none of the other community colleges. The Senate passed the bill Monday night in a 27 to 20 vote, sending it to the House of Delegates for action.

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Senate tentatively approves in-state tuition for illegal immigrants

After hours of lengthy debate and wrangling over amendments, the Senate gave tentative approval Wednesday night to a bill that would grant young illegal immigrants who have graduated from state high schools in-state tuition for community colleges and state universities. The estimated cost of the tuition is about $800,000 in fiscal 2014, rising to $3.5 million in 2016.

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Sex offender registry still not finished

Despite all of the work done last session to update Maryland’s sex offender registry, the state still isn’t meeting all of the federal standards and may lose some federal funds, a Senate committee was told Tuesday.

The state is over and above federal standards with some of its sex offender registry standards — such as the physical description, address, employment, and vehicle information of offenders — David Wolinski of the state’s Criminal Justice Information System told the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee. But it falls short on registering juveniles.

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Republicans are hoping to unseat Sen. Brochin in Towson district

Republican Party strategists are targeting Baltimore County’s 42nd legislative district senate seat, with two-term Democratic incumbent Jim Brochin in their sights.

Despite a Democratic majority, the district went for Bob Ehrlich for governor in both 2002 and 2006. Republicans hope Ehrlich will take the district again next week, and bring Republican state senate candidate Kevin Carney along with him.

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