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‘Second chance’ bill shields some convictions from job screening

Two senators are championing a bill that would allow individuals to petition that their convictions for an array of nonviolent misdemeanor charges eligible be shielded from public scrutiny. Dubbed the Maryland Second Chance Act of 2014, the bill says that following a period of three to five years, depending on the crime, an individual could submit a petition to a court.

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Blue Moon: A blogger takes political plunge and runs for delegate

David Moon, the man behind the Maryland Juice political blog in Montgomery County, made it sort of official Saturday on the back patio of his Takoma Park home. He’s running for the House of Delegates, with a formal announcement to come later. Moon has been a progressive activist, campaign manager and consultant, and helped elect folks such as Sen. Jamie Raskin, Montgomery County Council members Nancy Navarro, Valerie Ervin and Hans Riemer, and the District 18 Democratic slate. A few of these folks showed up at the event.

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