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Marylanders get so-so return on tax investment, study says

Marylanders spend within their means and get a decent return on investment when comparing taxes and quality of government services, a personal finance website has found.

Wallethub.com ranked Maryland first in the country for residents with the most sustainable spending habits, and ranked the state at an unremarkable 33rd when it comes to return on investment for state taxpayers.

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Implementation of financial literacy recommendations makes slow progress

State agencies are reporting mixed results in implementing the recommendations of the General Assembly’s Task Force on Financial Literacy. Most of the state’s 24 school systems “will have some component ready to go this fall, but they won’t be as ready to implement [the curriculum] as we had hoped,” said Katharine Oliver, the Maryland State Department of Education’s assistant state superintendent for career and college readiness.

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Blog: Educators inflated cost of financial literacy requirement, Franchot claims

State Comptroller Peter Franchot had some tough words for the state Department of Education, which said his proposal for a financial literacy course in all high schools would cost $16 million to implement.
“The state bureaucracy spiked this thing,” Franchot told reporters at a news conference before a hearing on the bill. “It’s a phony fiscal note.”

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