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Maryland pushes ahead on implementing health care reform

Maryland continues to press ahead with aggressive implementation of federal health care reform. Gov. Martin O’Malley appointed the members of the board of the new Health Benefit Exchange, a key component of the Affordable Care Act, and named the head of the new Office of Health Care Reform on the governor’s staff.

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Most of Medicaid’s $829 million in savings comes from taxes on insurance premiums

Most of the state’s estimated $829 million in “savings” on Medicaid spending from federal health care reform comes not from reduced costs, but from taxes on new insurance coverage generated by the new law.

A study by the Hilltop Institute found that the state government would come out $829 million ahead over the next 10 years because the new law would help cover 358,000 uninsured people, and this would produce $576 million in new premium assessments.

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