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Fast Cars and Bad Policies: How Game Changer Programs Hurt Working-Class Baltimoreans

The new talk of the town is governor-elect Wes Moore’s baby bonds program.  Throughout his campaign, Moore pitched the baby bonds program as a way to ensure that infants born in poverty arrive at adulthood in a more equal economic situation as their wealthier peers. With this program, every child born in Medicaid—largely Black and Latino–could get $3,200.

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Adding 9,200 jobs in July gives Marylanders reason to celebrate, economist says

Job numbers released on Friday (Aug. 21) gave Marylanders a reason to celebrate this past July’s activity. The revision of the June job numbers moved figures from an initial loss of 6,200 jobs between May and June to a loss of 3,400 jobs. However, July preliminary job estimates reported a 9,200 job increase from June to July.
Maryland’s economy has grown significantly since July 2014, adding an estimated 53,700 jobs to payrolls.

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Maryland very different politically and much better off economically than the rest of the nation

I did not need to fly 2,000 miles to arid Arizona to confirm that Maryland is very different politically — and much better off economically — than most other states, as Gov. Martin O’Malley has been telling us for a year and a half.

But being among scores of statehouse reporters from states across the nation for the annual meeting of Capitolbeat, the national association of State House reporters, reinforced those facts.

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Poll: Economy is top issue for Maryland voters, with more than a third worse off

The economy is the top issue for a majority of Maryland voters, according to a poll released Wednesday, and they are “somewhat optimistic” about the coming year, even though 36% say their family’s financial condition is worse today than a year ago.

The new poll of 816 likely voters last week by Gonzales Research and Marketing Strategies also found Gov. Martin O’Malley’s job approval ratings fairly stable at slightly under 50%. In a head-to-head matchup with former Republican Gov. Bob Ehrlich, Democrat O’Malley leads 48% to 39%, a 9 point spread.

Republicans and independents also blame the state deficit on too much spending, but most Democrats believe it is due to the recession that has reduced revenues.

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