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O’Malley criticizes Wisconsin Gov. Walker and spars with Texas Gov. Perry

Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) called Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s efforts to eradicate union employees’ bargaining rights a “drama” and a “circus” during a panel discussion hosted by Politico Friday. O’Malley said he learned as mayor of Baltimore: “When you’re facing tough challenges, when you have to overcome things like the imbalances in the pension system, I think it best when you bring people together to do that, and I think when you try to vilify or make one side of the equation the enemy I think you’re asking for trouble.

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Union bills for teachers, child care workers pass Senate

Public school teachers and child care providers may soon get expanded collective bargaining rights despite two last-gasp pleas from Republican senators to kill the union bills.

Both measures passed the Senate with little debate Monday afternoon, but the Republican sentiment remained, “it’s just wrong.” Supporters argue that the measures would help workers receive fairer treatment.

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