How to Keep Your Garage Door Humming Along

How to Keep Your Garage Door Humming Along

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We often take our garage doors for granted – we push the button and expect them to open and close faithfully every time. But just like other parts of your home, your garage door needs regular love and attention to keep working its best for years to come.

Show Your Garage Door Some TLC

Make maintenance a regular routine to help your garage door live a long and productive life. We recommend going through this checklist four times a year when the seasons change. Mark it on your calendar to remind yourself.

Give It a Checkup

Start by visually inspecting the door and all its parts. Are there any cracks, dents, or other visible damage? Test the door balance – does it open and close smoothly without much effort? Listen for grinding, squeaking, or other sounds that indicate wear and tear.

Look for Obstacles

Clear away any stuff piled too close to the door so it has a clear path. Trim back nearby tree branches or bushes to eliminate obstructions. The door shouldn’t bump into anything along its track.

Test the Auto-Reverse

Automatic reverse is a crucial safety feature that causes the door to stop & reverse direction if anything is underneath it. Place a piece of cardboard or a 2×4 flat on the ground under the door, then close it. The door should stop and lift back up upon contact. If not, have it adjusted.

Lube It Up

Use silicone spray lubricant or lightweight oil on all the moving components – track, rollers, hinges, pulleys, and springs. It prevents abrasion and helps things run smoothly. Wipe away excess drips or splatters.

Examine the Weatherstripping

Make sure the weatherstripping along the bottom and sides of your garage door is intact. Replace any sections that are missing, cracked, or gaping to prevent drafts and leaks. Solid weatherstripping also cuts energy costs.

Check the Opener

For garage doors with automatic openers, test any sensors to make sure they are correctly positioned and free of dirt and debris. Sensors tell the opener to reverse if they detect something interfering with door travel. Consult your opener model’s manual for specific testing info.

Okay, take a deep breath! Pat yourself on the back for showing some love to one of the hardest-working features of your home. Making garage door maintenance a habit keeps everything running like a well-oiled machine.

Know When to Call In a Pro

While DIY maintenance knocks out a lot of basic upkeep tasks, some garage door repairs are best left to the professionals. Calling experienced technicians like ADP Garage Door Repair ensures the job gets done right and safely.

Spring Tension Adjustments

The springs that counterbalance your door are under incredible tension. Adjusting spring tension requires special tools and training and poses a serious danger if not done correctly. Let a pro handle any spring issues.

Cable, Roller, or Pulley Problems

Similarly, cables, rollers, and pulleys are under extreme strain and can cause injury if one snaps or breaks while you’re working on it. Don’t mess with these components yourself.

Off-Track Doors

If your door jumps the track, don’t try to muscle it back on yourself! The door could fall and cause damage or personal harm. Professionals have the right jacks and tools to realign doors safely.

Opener Motor Trouble

If you suspect problems with your opener motor, circuitry, or sensors, it’s best to have a trained garage door technician diagnose and service it. Malfunctioning openers can fail unexpectedly or react dangerously.

Major Damage

For dented panels, broken hinges, and severe mechanical issues, hire a pro. Depending on the repair scope, they may patch things up or recommend full door replacement.

Leaving tricky repairs to professionals means the job gets done quickly and correctly the first time. Investing in regular maintenance handles most minor upkeep concerns before they become huge headaches.

Smart Upgrades for Safety, Security, and Convenience

Beyond essential maintenance, some garage door upgrades add extra safety, security appeal, and everyday convenience to your home.

Battery Backup

A battery backup system lets you operate the garage door through power outages – great for storm-prone areas. Backup batteries seamlessly kick in when the main power goes down. Install this essential upgrade if losing power means losing access to your garage.

Smart Garage Door Openers

Treat your garage door opener to some modern-age stuff! Smart garage door systems connect to your home WiFi and come with a handy smartphone app. You can open or close the door from anywhere and receive notifications if you leave it open accidentally.

Keyless Entry Pad

Forget fumbling for keys to access your garage – install a convenient keyless entry pad next to the door instead. Punch in your unique passcode and walk right in. Share temporary codes with visitors or delivery drivers for effortless entry.

Keep Your Garage Door Purring

As you can see, garage doors greatly benefit from regular TLC to maximize their lifespan. Performing DIY maintenance checks is generally safe and manageable for most homeowners.

But you have to know which repairs require professional know-how and skill to avoid mishaps. Consider smart upgrades that boost everyday convenience while protecting your home and family. Show that hardworking garage door some extra love, and it will keep faithfully protecting your vehicles for over twenty years!

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