Filling Out Customs Declaration for Shipping to Israel from USA

Filling Out Customs Declaration for Shipping to Israel from USA

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When handling shipping to Israel from USA, it’s crucial to get the customs declaration right. If your order doesn’t surpass $75 in value and all paperwork is in order, your package will head straight to the recipient upon arrival in Israel. No need to deal with customs if you stay within the duty-free limit. However, it’s not always that simple, so it’s essential to know how to accurately fill out customs forms online.

How to Complete Customs Forms on the Meest Portal

With the online form on the Meest portal, you can easily fill out the customs declaration to meet international shipping standards. When shipping to Israel from USA, it’s crucial to provide accurate and detailed information about the package contents, including all types of items for personal use, specifying their list, weight, and total value.

When filling out the declaration, remember:

  • Avoid using general terms (e.g., “Clothing,” “Shoes”). Be specific (e.g., “Jeans,” “Sneakers”).
  • Ensure the declared value is accurate. Even if the contents are a gift or a free sample, they still hold value. Understating the value may lead to Customs delays and additional charges.
  • Include the recipient’s name and details of a real, legal adult individual.

Prohibited Items for Sending Packages to Israel

You shouldn’t send a package to Israel if it contains items that pose any danger during air transportation, as well as those deemed hazardous by the receiving country. To prevent your parcels from being detained at customs, carefully review the list of prohibited items before completing the registration of your shipment!

Items prohibited for import into Israel include

  • Hazardous materials (flammable and combustible materials).
  • Narcotics, psychotropic substances, and potent drugs.
  • Animals and their skins.
  • Tobacco products, alcohol.
  • Precious metals and articles thereof.
  • Firearms, air guns, gas weapons, ammunition.
  • Money, credit cards, uncashed checks, savings books, and others.

For the full list of prohibited goods, please refer to the website.

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