How long does Botox take to work?

How long does Botox take to work?

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Botox – a botulinum toxin type A-based injectable well-known and widely used in both medical and cosmetic beauty fields. It’s a nerve relaxant meant to stop muscle contraction and, in this way, deal with numerous issues caused by it.

Even though this product has been present on the market for a long time, some individuals are still afraid to try it because they simply don’t understand the working principle of Botox (thus, it seems like something scary and potentially dangerous). So, let’s discuss one of the most common questions – how long you need to wait to see the Botox work. We are sure you will understand that it’s one of the best alternatives to complicated plastic surgeries that require prolonged downtime and are not reversible.

If you are a board-certified specialist, you may easily buy Botox online with license from suppliers who work with this type of aesthetic injectables (such as FillerSupplies). It’s crucial to make sure you purchase botulinum toxins of high quality from a safe source.

Primary information about Botox injections

Before discussing Botox treatments, let’s discuss some general information that may be useful to newcomers in this sphere. So, Botox is a brand name for botulinum toxin-based injectables created by the Allergan manufacturer. During the outpatient procedure, small portions of the solution are administered to the strong facial muscles to relax them, pause their contractions, and, as follows, stop the aging process and wrinkles occurrence for some time.

*Botulinum toxin type A is derived from Bacterium Clostridium Botulinum, which can be dangerous in large doses. However, to create a Botox solution, the manufacturer uses a very small portion of this component, so there should be no worries about the potential risk. 

Sometimes, medical professionals use Botox to get rid of already existing skin imperfections, such as crow’s feet, frown lines, and other types of lines and wrinkles. This is the best choice for dynamic lines because they are typically the first to occur because of rich facial expressions. And, as the main task of every botulinum toxin injection is to stop muscle contractions, it can be pretty useful to deal with the consequences of active facial movements.

How long does it take for Botox to start working?

On average, a patient has to wait for three to five days to see the difference after the first treatment. As the product requires some time to get to the nerve endings, actually freeze them, and smooth the “results” of their contractions, it is impossible to see the full effect immediately. Up to two weeks are needed for Botox to demonstrate its beneficial abilities, and a few processes should be completed during this time:

  1. Side effects and irritations should disappear (mild swelling, redness, minor bruising);
  2. The product should get to the target nerves in the treated area;
  3. Natural processes in the body should help to smooth out already existing wrinkles.

Thus, customers should be ready to wait and be patient to see the noticeable results Botox guarantees. And now, when there are no more questions like how does Botox work, let’s talk more about the time it may last in various target zones.

Durability in various areas

Here, we would like to talk about Botox injection durability and how it depends on the target area of administration. So, three main zones for this type of treatment are:

  • Forehead lines. A few treatments may be needed here. A specialist should start with a lower dosage and gradually raise it to reach maximum effectiveness. The expected durability for this zone is from two to three months;
  • Crow’s feet. This region has thin skin, so the maximum effect may become noticeable a few days after the injection session. This small area generally needs one shot of Botox per four months;
  • Perioral area. If your target is wrinkles around the mouth, the treatment’s effects will last from three to four months based on certain individual factors, such as age or skin condition, before the procedure.

How does the product start working after the Botox treatment?

If Botox is injected properly, its working principle shouldn’t be different for various treatment areas. Typically, people may expect this sequence of actions:

  • Immediately after the procedure. Minor redness and swelling are expected after the injection session. A post-treatment aftercare information should be given to a patient to deal with possible adverse reactions at home;
  • One day after the procedure. At this point, the only symptom most people experience is minor bruising caused by the needle puncture (they can be easily covered with some concealer). Headache is also something that may be expected;
  • One week after the treatment. After a week, the results of the injection session become much more noticeable. Some people may feel an unusual stiffness in the target area, but this feeling is typically gone in 1-2 weeks after the treatment (this symptom is typical for individuals who try botulinum toxin solution for the first time);
  • One month after the procedure. Botox results remain the same after one month; however, some people may notice that facial movement returns gradually. Everything depends on the individual peculiarities of the organism;
  • Three months after the injection session. After this time, people may see how Botox’s effects start to disappear gradually. Specialists recommend booking an appointment to repeat the procedure and prolong a younger-looking appearance. It is better to try to control facial movement not to provoke the occurrence of deep lines again.

Bottom line

Botox treatment is an effective non-invasive method of skin rejuvenation available for practically anyone out there. When used for certain cosmetic purposes, it may preserve the results for up to four-five months and guarantee smooth improvement to individuals with various skin types and aesthetic requests. To make sure this option is for you, it is better to visit a medical professional to see whether Botox is safe and will be able to fulfill all the goals. Hopefully, you found all the answers to your questions here. Thank you for reading!

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