Craft, Forest And High Gardens: Trends In Landscape Design To Try This Year

Craft, Forest And High Gardens: Trends In Landscape Design To Try This Year

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First of all, landscape design should reflect the philosophy of the owner, and also be properly selected for climatic conditions. However, in 2022, several trends have formed that are worth considering when arranging your territory. Today we will talk about the main trends in landscape design, which will be relevant next year.

Glass and plunge pools

In private landscapes, there is a trend towards steam rooms with abundant glazing, massage rooms, and open-air plunge pools.

There is no trend to save as such – on the contrary, people save money on foreign travel and invest in their comfort at home and on the site. In other words, people are willing to pay money, and even big money, for their convenience.

Set up a pool and buy swimming pool chairs, preferably rattan or teak. Outdoor furniture for the pool should be not only strong and durable, but also stylish. Parasol, a manufacturer of outdoor furniture, is ready to provide this. Let your outdoor furniture benefit your cozy corner for leisure and relaxation.

Technology focus

Another trend is tech usage. For example, earlier only a few used the automatic watering system, believing that they could always water the plants themselves, but now it is more expedient to use automatic watering, because, in fact, it is very difficult to properly service a large area on your own.

If five years ago the landscape was planned according to the residual principle and all funds were used to build a house, now a budget of 10-15% of the house cost is laid on the site. And consequently, more attention is paid to its post-service.

Discreet shades and tall vegetable gardens

The trend has changed to the color tone of the garden. We recommend colors that are not bright, discreet, complex shades that blend beautifully with natural herbs (lavender, catnip, mosses in the decor). It is best to use not traditional flower bed plants, but tender, natural, even field ones – those that “came” to the site from outside. Paths can be filled with natural materials or dissolved in grass.

Moreover, today even very wealthy people are thinking about decorative vegetable gardens. These are more comfortable, aesthetic beds, raised above the ground level so that you can deal with plants without bending too much.

Forest and minimalism

Another trend of this year is the maximum preservation of the existing forest on the site or the planting of a new coniferous forest, not only trees, but also cover in the form of moss, blueberries and lingonberries. Now more and more people want to see pristine nature on the site, and designers have learned how to recreate it.

Another trend is minimalism. This trend came to the landscape from architecture. These are, first of all, pure geometric lines in paving, plus monoculture plantings of shrubs and conifers.

Craft and gyms

This year’s trend is spaces for needlework. People want to move towards craft work: they often ask to design workshops, small offices in the back of the site instead of a gazebo with a barbecue. These are the most ventilated rooms, heated or not heated, depending on the budget, with well-thought-out mechanical glazing (enclosing translucent structures) or completely open.

According to the same principle, they ask to build gyms in the garden. In them, there should be more air, space, a sense of nature around and greenery.


Japandi is one of the most fashionable trends of recent years. It is a mixture of Scandinavian comfort and Japanese minimalism. It is characterized by the use of natural materials and a muted palette. When choosing garden furniture, give preference to concise models made of light wood, rattan or bamboo. As for plants, spruce, pine, fir, heather and various varieties of ornamental grasses are best suited for a Japandi style garden.

Wrap up

Landscape design also has its own fashion trends. Follow the fashion and let your site be as trendy as possible.

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