9 cool ways to make a proposal

9 cool ways to make a proposal

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Sooner or later, the special woman appears in every man’s life – the one and only. But if everything is more or less clear with this feeling, then not all lovers know exactly how to tell about it and how to make the most unusual proposal to their beloved girlfriend. In today’s article, we have collected the most interesting, original, and popular ways to make a proposal.

But before you start, you need to keep in mind the most essential thing – start from what the girl loves and from her character. If she is an introvert, there is no reason to make a proposal in a crowded place. In case she is not keen on extreme sports, it will be a mockery to drag her to a parachute jump. Also, do not forget to take into consideration the season and weather conditions, so as not to make her freeze outside for several hours at minus thirty.

And one more tip: make a video or photo for memory. Regardless of whether you will make a proposal alone or in a crowd, ensure to make a record that will be a memory only for the two of you.

Make a flower delivery

Most girls are crazy about beautiful flowers. They instantly lift the mood and delight for a long time. If your beloved is a romantic nature who loves flower bouquets, arrange for the flower delivery of four spectacular compositions to her house, in each of them you should put a note with one word. Look for the flower shop nearby and add up to the sentence “Will you marry me?”.

Recreate your first date

Remember how your love story began, and try to repeat the first date with the second half. For example, invite her to the same restaurant with a terrace or amusement park (it all depends on how your day went). Give her the same bouquet of flowers. You can even find the outfit you came to the meeting in. This option is suitable for real romantics.

Take a boat ride

If there is a beautiful lake or river in your city, then rent a boat. You can make a date even more romantic by giving the girl flowers and taking with you the sweets that she loves. And the proposal is best made at sunset.

Choose the place where you first confessed your love

It is critical to choose a symbolic place to make a marriage proposal to your beloved. Remember where you first met, kissed, or confessed your love. Refresh your memories by arranging a romantic date. It’s very touching and cute!

Make a proposal on the roof

Now many organizations offer to arrange a romantic date right on the roof with a beautiful view of the city. The space can be decorated with flower bouquets and candles. Take a blanket with you or, if possible, set up a table there in advance and bring chairs and delicious food. Wait with the second half of the sunset and at this moment get down on one knee.

Organize a party

If your girlfriend likes to spend time in noisy companies, then arrange a party. Decorate the house or other room in which you plan to have fun with balloons, candles, or flower petals, turn on your beloved’s favorite songs and invite all your friends and some relatives. When the companion comes in, get down on one knee and make a proposal.

Have a picnic

If your beloved is a romantic person, then make a proposal during a picnic. Create a cozy atmosphere, choose a beautiful place on the shore of a lake or river, and take candles, chocolate-covered strawberries, or any other sweets that your companion loves. This is a great option for those who want to retire and do not want to involve relatives and friends in organizing a memorable event.

Make a proposal on the Ferris wheel

Many girls like to visit amusement parks. Invite your beloved on a date and offer her a ride on the Ferris wheel, which is almost in every city. When you are at the very top, get down on one knee, take out the ring and make a touching speech. It will be better if you manage to do it at sunset.

Fly in a hot air balloon

Invite the girl to fly in a hot air balloon. It’s an incredible experience, such a moment is simply impossible to forget. First, let your beloved enjoy the beauty of the city, and when you are already high above the ground, make a proposal. Until organizing such a date, ensure that your companion is not afraid of heights.

We hope that your marriage proposal will go perfectly, no matter which option you choose.

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