Immediate Edge Review: Legit or Scam?

Immediate Edge Review: Legit or Scam?

Investment in cryptocurrencies has risen over the last year as investors seek ways to hedge against inflation and earn passively simultaneously. The demand for earning avenues has led to the emergence of several crypto trading platforms. Although everyone knows there is profit in crypto trading, it is a high risk. Thanks to crypto trading robots, investors can maximize their profit with minimal risks and losses. These trading robots update investors with market opportunities and explore the best cryptos for investments. In fact, these algorithm-driven bots can even execute trades on your behalf based on your directives and trading strategies. 

Immediate Edge is a new crypto trading platform that uses bots to help investors increase their portfolios. Although new, this automated platform is becoming popular amongst new investors. However, the legitimacy of Immediate Edge is being questioned by some investors, given the high number of scam trading bots. In this Immediate Edge Review, we explore the emerging bot’s features, fees, profitability, pros/cons, and other areas so you can determine whether Immediate Edge is legit or not. 

What Is Immediate Edge All About?

Immediate Edge is an automated trading platform where investors can earn passively from the crypto market. The platform allows you to increase your investment without the headaches of trading, especially for newbies. Plus, it takes away constantly having to monitor the market to avoid potential losses. Immediate Edge works with the assistance of robots and automation.

Founded in 2015, the platform uses an AI-powered algorithm to spot the best money trades and predict crypto price fluctuations. Due to the market’s volatility, it is challenging for traders to keep up with market opportunities and make the best trading decision. When you make decisions without adequate information or updated market indices, the investors will surely make losses. The good news is that traders can keep up with everything happening in the market with Immediate Edge, shielding trades from running into losses. 

Thanks to the trading bots, the Immediate Edge can execute profitable trades on your behalf after you set up trading strategy parameters. It does this by filtering out the best trades based on historical data, charts, and statistics. The automatic process intends to discover a pattern in price movements and place trades with high yields. Traders don’t need any expertise to trade on the platform, as the bot will manage all the processes with little to no input from the investor except their capital.

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According to the platform, the software promises up to 99% investment returns. That’s the highest accuracy a crypto trading platform has offered on an investment compared to other crypto platforms. Investors will cash out big time — and without a sweat — if this claim is valid.

Are you more of a seasoned trader? You can turn off the automatic mode and control everything manually. That way, you can really do what you want in this fast market. Immediate Edge does allow sub-second trades so you can get the best investments in a matter of seconds. Keep reading to learn more about the pros and cons of Immediate Edge, how you can sign up, and basically how it all works. 

How Does Immediate Edge Work?

Immediate Edge works like most trading bots but is much simpler and more user-friendly. You can set up an account, deposit money, and create parameters for trading strategies. Then, you can activate the robot to trade on your behalf. Once activated, the robot scans the market for the best trades. It spots a profitable trade and secures opportunities by using the funds you deposited into your account. The robot purchases the trade and waits for the perfect time to exit the market to minimize losses. After the trading session, the robot calculates the earnings using the integrated payout system.

Registering on the platform is easy peasy. New users only need to visit the website and select the “Sign-Up” button. Once you click this button, you can fill out a username, email address, password, and mobile number. After adding all the required details, the platform verifies the information and grants you access to all its available products and features.

Once you have access to your dashboard, the next step is to fund your account. The minimum deposit is $250, while there’s no max. Although Immediate Edge allows you to run a free demo account, you will unlock access to the demo accounts after you make your deposit. The minimum deposit is the first fee you would incur if you decide to use the bot.

The platform supports several deposit methods. You can make deposits on Immediate Edge through bank transfers, credit/debit cards, Skrill, and PayPal. After depositing, the user can familiarize themself with the platform by navigating to the trading section in the demo account. They can study how trading works and how to set a stop-loss limit order. Once the investor is satisfied with the result, they can move to Live Trading. Trading Live is straightforward as traders only need to adjust the stop-loss limit order and activate the bot. The platform warns that trading is unregulated and not under EU or UK protection, and, therefore, investors are trading at their risks.

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Beneficial Immediate Edge Features 

Not all trading robots are the same. Wall Street investors created Immediate Edge, and they follow the market to update everything with your best interest in mind. With years of trading experience and partnerships with international brokers, you can trust Immediate Edge’s high security, expert guidance, and safety features. However, let’s dive deep into how these Immediate Edge features are better than others on the market. 


Not all trading platforms are renowned for their simplicity and ease of use. If complicated, users will find it hard to navigate the site and use the features; you don’t have to be overly knowledgeable about trading or automated bots. Trading platforms need to be simplistic and user-friendly for users to be able to trade, which is one of the things that make Immediate Edge a solid platform.

Immediate Edge features a simple user interface for investors to interact with. They can register, deposit, and begin trading immediately. Each section and menu tab is clearly defined, making it straightforward for investors with no experience. The platform doesn’t have a mobile app yet, which makes it impossible for users to track their investments on the go. However, the website is simple enough, so you might not miss out much with the mobile app. 

Fast Withdrawal

Many crypto trading platforms claim to offer fast withdrawals, only for the user to be disappointed in the end. The inability to withdraw funds is terrible publicity for the site. Not only does Immediate Edge offer automated trading services, but it ensures rapid withdrawals. According to the site, it completes withdrawals in 24 hours. This is ideal for investors who want to withdraw their profits immediately after trading. 

Various Payment Methods

Various payment methods are necessary for investors who live in countries and regions with limited payment options. Immediate Edge allows users to deposit into their accounts using multiple methods. Investors can make deposits through bank transfers, credit/debit cards, Skrill, and PayPal. 

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24/7 Customer Service

The quality of customer service for any business says a lot about a trading platform. Bad customer service will bring negative reviews and possibly reduce the number of users on the site. Traders have peace of mind and feel confident when they know their issues will be resolved regardless of the time or severity. Immediate Edge has fast and responsive customer service willing to attend to any problems or questions regarding registration, trading, deposits, withdrawals, etc. 

A live chat is available on the platform should you need to speak with a customer representative. While there’s a live chat option on the platform, we can’t verify if the customer service support operates 24/7. 

Good Encryption System

A top-level encryption system makes the chances of encountering a data breach minimal. Immediate Edge uses a high-level encryption system to safeguard funds from being hacked and prevent data loss. The platform adheres to international data privacy laws, such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). As for the bots, Immediate Edge liaises with different brokers, reducing the possibility of encountering any issue.

High Liquidity

Immediate Exchange offers high liquidity assets that allow the robot to get in and out of trades. This means that buyers can buy BTC and other digital assets with convenience.

Details About Immediate Edge Fees and Deposits

The fees on this trading platform are minimal. The bot doesn’t charge any hidden fees. Plus, users receive ten free withdrawals per month. Subsequent withdrawals attract a fee of 1% that is calculated upon the transaction. 

Deposit and registration don’t also attract any fee. Speaking of deposits, the minimum is $250 to get started. This is a reasonable starting fee for investors. Over time, the investor can increase their investment if profits flow in. It’s recommended to begin prudently and grow your margin. 

Immediate Edge Pros and Cons

This automated trading bot can be very beneficial, but it’s essential to know all of the ins and outs. Check out the following pros and cons regarding Immediate Edge.


  • Access to demo accounts
  • 24/7 customer support service
  • AI-powered for best trades
  • Withdrawals are processed within 24 hours


  • A mobile app is not available
  • The profitability claims can’t be authenticated.
  • Accepted cryptocurrencies are limited
  • Works with specific brokers

How to Register for Immediate Edge

As mentioned, registering on Immediate Edge is simple. The user interface makes registering on the platform easy for new investors. 

  1. Log into the website and click “Sign-Up.”
  2. A sign-up form will be on display. Fill in the spaces with the correct name, email address, and mobile number. Follow the prompts to continue. 
  3. You will have to verify your phone number. Once the mobile number verification is complete, the user can set up their account. 
  4. Create a strong password to protect your Immediate Edge account and fill in other necessary details.
  5. Log into your Immediate Edge account and click on “Deposit.” The minimum deposit is $250; you can do this through Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Wire transfer, and PayPal. 
  6. If you are doubtful or unfamiliar with trading strategy, you can experiment with demo trading. That way, you can see what would happen if your trade actually went through in real time. Once you are ready to give this automated trading bot a try, you can proceed to the live trading section.
  7. You can place live trades after demo trading. Before you start live trading, contact your account manager to ensure nothing is amiss. To play safe, ask your account manager to set up your trading parameters. This will limit the chances of losing money. After this, you can trade live.

Is Immediate Edge Legit?

It’s challenging for traders to invest on a platform without running background checks. Given the scam in the crypto sector, investors are careful with where they invest their money. Bitcoin bots are not different. Based on this review, Immediate Edge seems to be a platform on the right path. Its business model is sustainable and offers guaranteed returns. Additionally, the platform collaborates with several brokers who handle the trades. However, the brokers are anonymous. 

It boasts of a robust trading algorithm that automatically uncovers the most profitable trades in the volatile crypto market. Distributed Ledger Technology powers the trading system, including providing security to all trades. Speaking of security, the platform uses military-grade encryption to minimize the risks of fraud. Users can track their transactions with this technology and keep updated with all the market news. 

Overall, we don’t have any doubts about Immediate Edge. Ready to jump on this one? Sign up to start making profits. Whether you are a trading newbie or a seasoned pro, you can utilize the benefits of Immediate Edge, including 24/7 customer service, withdrawals within 24 hours, an AI-automated trader bot, and demo accounts to test your strategies. 

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