Evil party, stupid party: Bad choices on the ballot for a conservative professor

Evil party, stupid party: Bad choices on the ballot for a conservative professor

The Republican nominee for governor, Del. Dan Cox, speaks at a MACo candidates forum. MarylandReporter.com photo by Len Lazarick

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In a related commentary, there are not just two choices for governor – there are five.

It is commonplace among political afficionados to think of Democrats as “the evil party” and think of Republicans as “the stupid party,” per the late conservative writer Stanton Evans.  He added that when the parties collaborate and do something that is both stupid and evil, it is called bipartisanship.

I am a conservative who usually votes Republican, but I vote Democratic when I am impressed with the integrity and reasonable non-wokeness of a Democrat, such as Dutch Ruppersberger and my former favorite state comptroller, Peter Franchot.

I am optimistic about the incoming Baltimore City state’s attorney – the wonderfully impressive Ivan Bates who spoke in my class last month. When you hear him, you will be similarly impressed.

Stupidest campaign

This election, though, I have witnessed perhaps the stupidest campaign in my nearly half century in Maryland by the Republican candidate for governor, Del. Dan Cox.

Perhaps in order to acquire Trumpian support in Maryland, Del. Cox became salient to me through two disqualifying actions:  He tried to have one of the two best governors in Maryland recent history, Larry Hogan, impeached, and he called Mike Pence a “traitor.”

I am almost never shocked, but these acts shocked me.

Larry Hogan has masterfully run Maryland as governor along with his truly exceptional Lt. Governor Boyd Rutherford; they have spoken to my classes for years. They have managed to keep the state reasonably solvent and have offended hardly any rational observer, while criticizing the appallingly inept Democratic leadership in Baltimore City, which must love being loved more than doing their job to reduce the virtually untouched violence therein.

Mike Pence is one of the highest integrity principals I have witnessed in my many years on this earth. Saying he is traitorous is beyond the pale. Disagree with him all you want; he is a great patriot.

I doubt if any significant number of Marylanders beyond the far rightists have listened to a word Cox has said, once they knew of his two seminal disqualifying positions.

Cox’s irresponsible rhetoric not only will rouse the zeal of many Democrats, but it will lose Independents who believe in a bipartisan Maryland.  For down-ballot Republicans, Cox and his supporters owe them and Maryland a major apology for what will happen Tuesday

If Wes Moore’s representatives had responded to me, I probably would have voted for him. As it is, I shall write in Robert L. Ehrlich for governor, who has spoken to my class for decades.

I am sure the irresponsible far right wingers who got Cox his nomination are proud of themselves. I just don’t know why.

Those Republicans who wanted and were exhilarated at Cox’s being their nominee are stupid. Those who think he supports only fine policies are evil.

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Richard Vatz


Richard E. Vatz Ph.D. retired from Towson University in January 2023 wherein he served for almost a half-century and was the longest serving member of The Academic Senate. He is Author of The Only Authentic of Persuasion: the Agenda-Spin Model (Authors Press, 2022)

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