Top Tips for Renting an Apartment in New York City

Top Tips for Renting an Apartment in New York City

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Moving to New York City can allow you to gain some great new experiences, as well as business opportunities. When you decide to rent an apartment, you may need to consider various aspects regarding its location, as well as the care you give it. While you may not own the home, better maintenance and diligence could still help to make it a beloved place for you to live for many years to come.

Gain support from a real estate broker

When renting in Brooklyn, there could be a large number of apartments to choose from. Narrowing down your selection can be incredibly time-consuming, especially if you are moving from out of state and have to keep venturing back to view different apartments. Speaking to a real estate broker can allow you to discuss your needs and budget, as well as the areas you want to live in. The broker can then do most of the work regarding finding suitable listings, meaning you don’t need to spend more of your precious time trying to find something that suits you or your family.

Consider travel times

If you plan on moving for work or need to get to numerous parts of the city, you might want to consider travel links. New York City is incredibly large, and the roads can get rather busy. Due to this, you might want to consider ditching the car and taking public transport instead. The subway can get rather busy during the peak times, usually from 7-10 in the morning, and then 5-8 in the evening. This may result in discomfort, or even having to wait for the next ride. When punctuality is important, it could be good to consider renting close to your place of work. It can also be worth bearing in mind that more built-up areas of the city, particularly those with tourist hotspots, may also suffer from overly busy or cramped public transport.

Maintain your apartment

Being a good tenant can help you to remain in your apartment for longer, and extend your tenancy once your initial period has expired. This can involve informing your landlord of any repairs required in a prompt manner, but also keeping the apartment clean. Not only can this make your apartment nicer in general, but it could also keep rodent problems to a minimum. Should you notice signs of mice or rats, either in the interior or exterior of your apartment, it can be vital to deal with this as soon as possible to prevent them from reproducing and taking over. You may want to check your rental contract to see whether you or your landlord are responsible for dealing with vermin.

Moving to New York City can allow you to experience city life on a large scale. By making an informed decision when it comes to choosing an apartment, and then being a responsible tenant, you might find yourself enjoying your time spent in the big city.


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