David Kezerashvili: My Priority Is to Support Ukraine and Struggle for Georgia’s European Future

David Kezerashvili: My Priority Is to Support Ukraine and Struggle for Georgia’s European Future

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Former Georgian Defence Minister now turned businessman and TV network founder, David Kezerashvili, has made the news again after a response to one of his former colleague’s comments. In the statement, he talked about his relationship with his home country’s ruling party and his role in the political battle between them and the opposition.

The statement by David Kezerashvili was issued after the outrageous remarks given by Nika Melia, chairperson of the Georgian liberal and pro-Western party, the United National Movement. He called Kezerashvili an “oligarchic type,” encouraged him to remain out of politics, and accused him of being disingenuous in his struggle against the influence of billionaire businessman and former Georgian Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili. The UNM has long maintained that Ivanishvili has connections to the Russian oligarchy and has been swaying Georgian politics from behind the curtain.

Other UNM party members criticized Melia for making such a comment, with some going so far as to urge him to quit as chairman of the United National Movement. Because Kezerashvili was a founding member of the United National Movement party, which sought from the very beginning to bring Georgia into line with the democratic ideals of the European Union and grant greater freedom to the Georgian people, Melia’s words were especially offensive.

Regarding these comments, Kezerashvili has said that he now considers the Ukrainian people to be his first priority. He wants them to know that the Georgian people are on their side no matter the actions of the current Georgian government. “Our first aim is to spread the message that the people of Georgia support the Ukrainians no matter the actions of their government. It’s my responsibility to go in this way” he said.

Kezerashvili claims he has made the decision not to engage in “this confusing mess” because he believes that Bidzina Ivanishvili and his oligarchic, pro-Russian regime stand to gain the most. The business owner says that “small party fights” are not as important as the bigger problems that Georgia is facing right now.

“I believe that the future of Georgia as an independent, legitimate, European state versus a colony under the sway of Russia is being determined today. No one in a position of authority can behave based on their desires, impulses, or moods at the moment.”

According to Kezerashvili, there is no benefit to the nation to be gained by sowing uncertainty in the opposition’s ranks, generating more breeding grounds for conflict, and battling fake opponents. This will only serve to bolster Ivanishvili and Russia’s sway and extend the process of state control. The entrepreneur claims he has a responsibility to back anybody who is willing to take a stand against Georgia’s dangerous pro-Russian leadership.

No Interest In Going Back to Politics

Kezerashvili said that he had no personal or political interest in Georgian politics, but that he hoped the opposition would win their fight to get rid of oligarchs’ control over the country and bring it back into the West’s sphere of influence.

“On the other hand, I cannot sit idly while my friends Mikheil Saakashvili and Niki Gvaramia languish in jail. I will do all in my power to secure their release from the regime’s clutches since they are now considered political dissidents. I have no moral ground to oppose the efforts of civic society to roll back Bidzina Ivanishvili’s tyrannical rule.” Saakashvili started the United National Movement and was the former president of Georgia. Gvaramia was the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Education and Science.

David Kezerashvili concluded by emphasizing his ongoing commitment to independent media. The principal stakeholder of Formula TV has said that he would not abandon independent media despite the government’s many restrictions on Formula TV and other media outlets that are critical of the government. “Formula TV has an amazing crew and will unwaveringly remain at the frontline of the fight for Georgia’s European future with complete editorial freedom.”

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