How Does Print to Fax Work?

Younger generations today aren’t familiar with stand-alone fax machines. They know how to send and receive faxes using an app or the internet but can’t imagine having to stand over a physical machine to complete this task. 

However, many industries today rely on fax machines, including healthcare. Every person should know how to use a print to fax driver., as it simplifies the process of sending and receiving documents. With the help of this driver, a person can send and receive faxes anywhere they have internet access. 

What is a Print-to-Fax Driver?

Print-to fax drivers allow individuals to send a fax using any desktop application that offers a print option. The user needs an account to complete this task and they must download the necessary drivers. However, these steps only need to be completed once. In addition, the person may need to choose a plan if they will be sending faxes regularly. Although there are free plans, they are limited in terms of the features they offer. 

Why Use a Print-to-Fax Driver?

The print-to-fax driver eliminates the need for a stand-alone fax machine. This saves the company money as they have less hardware to maintain. In addition, they won’t need to print hard copies before faxing them. This means they use less paper and toner, which companies who are moving toward more sustainable operations appreciate. 

There is no need for a separate fax program. Once the drivers are installed, a person can fax from any application that allows them to print. This helps to improve security, as there won’t be hard copies of documents floating around where they can be seen by unauthorized individuals. 

Employees spend less time sending faxes when a driver is installed on each computer. They don’t have to leave their desk or wait for hard copies to print before sending the fax. This means they get more done each day and feel a sense of accomplishment. 

Each company determines which plan best meets its needs. Some organizations rarely send faxes, while others send multiple documents in a single day. By having different plans to choose from, a company can better control its budget in this area and free up money for other tasks that need to be completed. 

The Drawbacks of a Print-to-Fax Driver

This option does come with one drawback. Two parties cannot use a print-to-fax driver without using an intermediary. When selecting a provider, each organization must ensure that the provider complies with all regulatory standards for their industry. For example, healthcare organizations must ensure the provider complies with all HIPAA regulations. 

Using the Fax Driver

To use the fax driver, log into the existing account. If one has not been created, now is the time to complete this step. Once in the account, download the driver on each device that may use the fax capability. Once this has been done, faxes can be sent. 

Enter the web portal for the fax provider. Activate the driver. It’s as simple as that. Once the driver is activated, any person who can print can now fax using that device. There is no need to enter the web portal each time a fax must be sent. The button is present on any screen where this task can be completed. 

The Benefits of Online Faxing

A company may wonder why they should invest in a print-to-fax driver and train employees on its use. This technology comes with numerous benefits that should be considered when determining which fax option is best. 

Increased Security

In the past, a person would need to be alerted when a fax was coming in. They would then stand over the machine and ensure unauthorized parties did not see the information coming in over the fax lines. This led to large blocks of time being wasted, particularly when the machine was in high demand. The print-to-fax capability eliminates this concern. 

With print-to-fax technology, the intended recipient is the only one who has access to these documents. Individuals need to consider the security measures put into place by each provider before choosing which one to partner with. Companies should select a provider making use of TLS 1.2 encryption protocols and AES-256 bit technology. In addition, it’s best to choose a provider that incorporates two-factor authentication into the program and automatically logs a user out after a specified time period. 

Mobile-Friendly Faxing

Print-to-fax drivers are mobile-friendly. Developers recognize business is often conducted on the go. This driver allows them to use the fax capability wherever they are. 

Most developers today create software for mobile devices. They recognize people turn to these devices more than conventional computers, as they are on the go and need access to frequently used programs. An online fax app allows individuals to use their device as a fax machine, regardless of where they are. 

A person can sign documents and send them on their way in a matter of seconds or minutes. They simply take a picture of the paperwork before uploading it to the app. The software takes care of the rest. 

However, choose a program that works with multiple platforms. Users have preferences when it comes to their devices. A program that supports several platforms is the best choice because then everyone can benefit from this fax technology. 

Document Storage

Another element to consider when comparing providers is document storage options. There is no need to store hard copies anymore because the documents remain in the provider’s storage. However, make certain this company offers multiple ways to find a document when a person needs it. 

Having an uncluttered workspace increases productivity, according to the National Association of Professional Organisers. Using print-to-fax technology clears space in the workplace, as hard copies no longer need to be stored. In addition, it ensures an employee has access to any document they need right at their fingertips, even when they aren’t at their desk. 

Learn more about print-to-fax technology today. Many business owners find the benefits of switching to this technology far exceed the costs of doing so. The only way an organization can know if this is the case is to try the technology. Take advantage of a free trial to see how amazing this software is. As many providers today offer free trials, a business has nothing to lose and improved business operations to gain.